by Dana Rowe

Luke LeBrun led all but one lap of the 25-lap Legends feature enroute to his career-first legends win, and did it by holding off his brother, Eric down the stretch.  Over the closing laps, Trent Goodrow rolled in to give them both plenty of trouble, trading the follow-up slot back-and-forth with Eric as they jousted.

Restarts with five to go, two at three laps out and a green-white-checker from lap two kept the field locked together and plenty of dueling among pretenders to the throne.  Each time, Luke was able to rocket away coming out of the box and leave the rest of the world to compete over second.

At the finale, he had the win, Eric was second and Goodrow fell to sixth in a brawl over third that involved Brendon Hammann, Shileigh Martinez and Reagan Parent, who finished in that order, third through fifth.

Luke and Derek Gluchacki came off the pole at the outset with Gluchacki on the outside.  Derek pushed ahead in turn two but Luke dropped under and pushed alongside as Goodrow, Eric, Joshua Parsons and Parent pursued.  Luke retook the lead at lap’s end and was in the clear air the rest of the way to the finish.  Gluchacki stayed with him until Eric pushed past Goodrow into third on an eleventh lap restart, then moved Gluchacki out of second and went in pursuit of his brother.

Goodrow then pressed past Gluchacki and Shileigh Martinez set upon Derek and they battled for the next four laps before Martinez climb into fourth place.

Meanwhile, the LeBrun brothers were brawling over first place and Goodrow was closing in on Eric in third.  Coming out of a lap ten restart after Jacob Burns’ spin in turn three, Luke first pushed out to an eight-car lead, then took it to ten.

Casey Call had been working laboriously up from starting next-to-last and stepped into fourth on lap 20, amid a firestorm of cars competing for the front.  But Eric pushed back into second, leaving Goodrow third and Martinez pushed past Call into fourth.

Hamman had been working his way up from starting tenth, and knocked Call out of fifth before going on into third with one lap remaining.

Goodrow collected sixth place, followed by Call, Gluchacki, Burns, Joe DeRensis and Adam Avedisian.