It was a big race for two SYRA 600 campaigners as Kendra Levesque hauled down her first career win behind the wheel.  TJ Morsehead came on strong, fighting his way through the pack and gaining enough points to hold off the challenge of David White.  White won the battle in the pack, finishing seventh, three spots ahead of Moreshead, who won the war and the championship.

Levesque was away from the pole right out of the starting box and bolted to a substantial lead over Maddison Birchall.  Birchall chased with pluck, but as the laps wore on, the big hope was for a caution to bring them back together as the margin stretched to a full straightaway and a piece of the curve as the race ran green to checkers without a caution.

Eric Lebrun did his best to steal second from Birchall, at times running alongside but was unable to take over the position.  He had started second and Birchall third:  she had gotten underneath and into second as he slid back along the outside and into third to begin a spectators’ delight of a duel for the full 20 laps, the margin of distance between them worked out to .189 seconds.  Likewise, Shea Kulpa, who moved immediately to fourth on the start and remained there through the finish, another .129 back.  Fifth went to Matthew Barboza, but not easily.  Barboza and Joey Lembo exchanged the position nine times.  And when it seemed, on lap 14 Lembo took over fifth and held it until the penultimate lap, that he would retain the slot, Barboza came back to charge across the line .048 ahead for the spot.

David White, needing to finish substantially ahead of Moreshead to take over the crown, found himself trapped behind the fierce duel between Barboza and Lembo.  He decided to settle in the low groove at their backs and wait for opportunity rather than risk going three wide around them.  He spent eighteen laps waiting for an opportunity that was not to come.

Morsehead understood the mathematics and settled into eight behind him for the early part of the race.  When Robert Borthwick, Jr made his way past him on lap ten, Moreshead settled in, then was passed by Derek Debbis, six laps from the finish.  Debbis and Moreshead completed the top ten and Moreshead had the points to claim the final lead in the divisional standings.