Karlin Levesque led the first third of the Sports Four feature, settled back to second and third for a bit, then roared up to grab the lead again, and remained there for the final ten laps. Sport Four champ AJ Manuel chased him to the finish for second with Crystal Murray on his bumper. Jordan Lopes recovered from an early overheating problem and grabbed fourth after a quick trip to the pits. The top five was rounded out by Tyler Almeida.

Levesque started on the front, outside David Simpson, Jr. and rocketed away in turn two of the opening circuit. Simpson held on for second with Tyler Dunancik grabbing third and Matthew Smith dropping into fourth. Next time around, Dunancik edged Simpson out of second before Ronald Gajdowski and Joseph Pilling got together in turn four.

Levesque and Simpson lined up for the lap one restart and Levesque again zoomed away. Simpson followed with Samantha Mattera, Pilling and Smith in pursuit. They went another two laps until Kristopher Kay went around in turn four.

Levesque lined up with Dunancik. Again he shot away and Mike Lefort got past Dunancik into second but the start was called back. Levesque and Lefort were side-by-side for the next try and Levesque again managed the drama. Lefort dropped in and Smith grabbed third. AJ Manuel ran up to Levesque’s bumper. Mattera got wide coming off turn four.

Another lap and Manuel was running third behind Lefort with Crystal Murray five cars back in fourth, working underneath Smith. She gained full control of the spot crossing the stripe into lap six. Mattera was now on Smith’s bumper.

Morgan Finkbein spun in turn four with steam pouring from under the hood and the right front corner crushed. She retired for the evening.

Levesque was away again but this time Lefort dropped under on lap seven. It was door-to-door for three laps with Manuel on their bumpers waiting for any errors. Smith, Murray and Mattera followed with Tough Tim Bolger on the outside. Lefort finally succeeded in gaining the lead on lap eight and Manuel got under Levesque. Lefort generated an eight-car lead over Manuel, who was followed by Levesque. But Dave Westgate was suddenly hard into the wall out of turn four and Mattera was up in smoke out of turn three. It ended her night. Westgate was pushed to the pits but was able to return. Henry Lavalle was pushed to the pits and the leader – Lefort – suddenly opted to pit for some maintenance with a left rear tire going down.

Levesque lined up outside Manuel for the lap 11 restart. Murray and Smith were row two with Jordan Lopes and Christian Herman on his shoulder. At the green, Manuel nosed out and Levesque dropped into second Murray, Lopes and Smith followed. Levesque looked underneath and made the move, grabbing the lead once again. Manuel held onto second with Murray at his back, followed by Lopes, Almeida and Arthur Meack. Behind Meack, Lefort was door-to-door with Herman and completing the pass.

With five to go, Levesque had a six car lead on AJ, who had two on Murray. Lefort had worked his way back to seventh. Lopes looked under Murray for fourth but was denied. Lefort had closed to Meack’s bumper. Meack drifted up and Mike grabbed the moment to drive underneath into sixth. With four to go, the top seven finish was established.

Dunancik, however, was not finished, and he pushed past Herman with two remaining to steal eighth.

At the checkers, sixth went to Lefort after a long midrace run from the rear; Meack grabbed seventh, followed by Dunanci, Herman, Tim Ouellette, Simpson, Smith and Jason Finkbein.