SEEKONK, Mass. — Nick Lascuola Racing, founded and operated by former Seekonk Speedway Nick’s Pit Legends Cars champion Nick Lascuola, is launching a new rental program in 2020.
Drivers will be able to rent some seat time in a Legend Car built by Lascuola to learn the ropes of the division and prepare for what they hope will be the next step into full-time racing. Lascuola, a native of Abington, Mass., has plenty of success in his past and present as a driver, and mechanic. He started driving go-karts at a young age, before moving to the Seekonk Youth Racing Association MiniCup division for a few years in the early 2010s — winning a title and multiple races.
Lascuola opened his Legends Cars career with immediate success, dominating the division, and capturing multiple championships. He became the driver to beat in a competitive class at Seekonk and toured the country — competing at the likes of Atlanta Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway and Las Vegas Motor Speedway. After trading the Legends Car for a Late Model and Super Late Model, Lascuola stepped out of the car, and started wrenching on them.
He operates his own business — where he sets up and works on Legends Cars weekly for competition in New England, specifically Seekonk. For select cars under his banner, he maintains, works on them in the shop, and brings them back and forth to the track for drivers to compete. During the day, he works full-time for his dad, Keith, who operates Nick’s Pit Stop in Abington, Mass., and is also deeply involved in racing.
“What jumpstarted NLR was I got a call from a friend of mine down south who couldn’t make it up here and he had someone coming up to New England to race for him,” Nick Lascuola said. “I worked on Mike Joy’s son’s car, and that jumpstarted the whole thing. We did good.. it was fun… I enjoy working on the Legends Cars.”
Currently, Lascuola’s most successful competitor has to be Josh Parsons — who has come just one good race short of the championship in the Legends Cars the last two years. He’s also worked with Derek Gluchacki, Paul Newcomb and his family, Mason Tessier, Joey Parker, and the Wizialko brothers, along with others. Parker works with him during the racing season to help maintain cars.
“It’s been getting more and more customers every year, we’ve been getting bigger and bigger,” Nick Lascuola said. “I try to work with my drivers one-on-one. I watch what their hands do and what the car is doing, all at the same time. I’ve been successful myself and I can put two and two together based off what the driver’s hands are doing… a lot of my young drivers don’t really know tight from loose and as they go I can help teach them.”
He’s currently maintaining about six Legends Cars — and this rental program is going to add another dimension to his shop. But he’s excited to be able to work with some upcoming talent. Drivers in the Seekonk Grand Prix Bandolero division will be allowed to rent the car for a day and test it out, as long as they are of age, before purchasing one. It could save families potential monetary value if the Legends Cars isn’t for them. At least they will have the chance to try it out with one of the most competitive setups and realize their dream is to move up.
“I’m trying to open a new aspect with my business,” Nick Lascuola said. “Anyone with some racing experience can rent the car… but I’m trying to aim it for Bandolero drivers and their parents to see if they are going to want that next step… they can come rent a car for a race or two to see if they like it before they move up. I want to put them in a good car where they can get comfortable and get good seat time.”
“From the cars I’ve driven, Legends Cars are by far the most difficult ones. It helped me be up to speed when I jumped into the LM and Pro Stock after… it teaches you car control and throttle control at the same time.”
Since this is a family process, Keith handles the parts sale and distribution, and has watched his son move up through the ranks, clearly seeing his driving talent — but also his passion to help others succeed. Keith opened Nick’s Pit Stop 16 years ago and still operates it today.
“I’m very proud,” Keith Lascuola said. “He’s come such a long way, we started out and got to racing at Seekonk and it took off from there. Nick knows about the cars, how they handle, pretty much everything from adjustments, to setup, to building them… Nick’s really come into his own for what he does. It’s made him a better driver… every time his cars are at the track there is a possibility to win a race… he’s just good at what he does.”
If anyone is interested on working with Lascuola in the rental program, contact him by calling 508-828-8233, emailing, or visiting Nick Lascuola’s Facebook page.


There are already a few dates booked for the 2020 racing season. You might even see him out there in the car a few times to get it ready.


Lascuola has also considered a Bandolero program in the future.


“Every year I strive to get better, even if we are the fastest cars, I’m never satisfied, I’m always working to see if we can get better and get faster,” Nick Lascuola said. “These are the most uncommon setup car that I’ve worked on… they are so much different than the SLM and the Mini-Cups I had worked on before… you’re always trying different things. I enjoy working on race cars in general. I’m comfortable with them, but it’s also the aspect of helping the younger generation succeed.. you always want to see them succeed. When we first started with Derek & Josh, I helped them improve… Derek is competing for titles in LM and Parsons in Legend… I’m seeing them succeed.”