Current points leader Mike Lefort grabbed his first win on the season by holding off current division Champ, AJ Manuel to the checkers. It was dog-eat-dog between them for the entire second half of the race. They had worked their way from seventh and eighth on the starting grid, while Tough Tim Bolger had again led the first ten laps. Bolger held on for third and held off a persistent Jordan Lopes, who claimed third. Karlin Levesque rounded out the top five.

Bolger and David Simpson, Jr. came off the front row and ran parallel tracks into turn one before Bolger pulled ahead in turn one and took the lead for himself in turn two. Simpson dropped in and Tyler Dunancik dropped onto his bumper in third. Samantha Mattera was fourth. Boger went out to a three-car lead. Mattera fell off and behind Dunancik came a wheel-to-wheel challenge between Lefort and Christian Herman. Manuel waited for them to settle the issue.

Bolger was running hard and went out to a fifteen-car lead as the field strung out single-file. But five laps in, Herman went around into the grass in turn four.

Dunancik lined up outside Bolger for the restart. Simpson now had Lefort on his shoulder and Manuel in his mirror. Arthur Meack was behind Lefort. Now Jordan Lopes had worked his way into the mix and had Crystal Murray alongside.

Bolger had the front right out of the box and Dunancik dropped into second. Lefort grabbed third going down the backstretch. Bolger went to a four car lead, then added some more distance as Lefort worked his way past Dunancik. Manuel ran fourth with Lopes at his back, then Murray.

Lefort bore down and closed to within two lengths of Bolger, and was at his bumper one lap later. But Breanna Williams, attempting to leave the oval became stuck in the Pit exit and caution ensued.

Now the front was Bolger and Lefort. Bolger, on the low side, pushed ahead oft of the box but Lefort came back alongside crossing the stripe. He then grabbed the lead in turn one and Manuel went around Bolger. They battled it out with Dunancik, Lopes and Murray watching. Into the next lap, Manuel was able to get past coming out of turn four.

Lefort kept pushing ahead and went out to an eight car lead before Ronald Gajdowski spun out of turn four. Now, Lefort and Manuel were side-by-side at the front. Bolger and Dunancik followed, just ahead of Lopes and Murray. It took two tries to get back underway with Justin Rioux taking a turn four spin in between the attempts.

Lefort and Manuel came away wheel-to-wheel, but with five to go, Lefort pulled ahead by a half-car. AJ bore down and came back alongside with Bolger on his tail.

Lefort and Manuel now put on a side-by-side show as Lopes tightened up on Bolger’s bumper with now Karlin Levesque getting past Murray into fifth. They brawled to the white flag for the final lap and Lefort took a nose. Manuel dropped in and trued to shoot under, but Lefort had expected his move and slammed the door, then rushed headlong under the checkers, dragging AJ along in second. Murray, who had been battling it out for a top five, suddenly began to sputter and pulled off track.

Lefort had that first win on the season which had been troubling him for many nights.

Sixth on the evening went to Meack, followed by Tyler Almeida, Tyler Dunancik, Tyler Pitassi and Simpson. Perhaps the first time that there have been three consecutive Tylers in the top ten. Mattera was just off the pace in eleventh.