Brandon LaVoie found himself leading the Bandolero Oulaws division after a lap six crash had eliminated all but three of the six cars that had started the fifteen-lap feature.  He then held off the predations of Samantha Dell the rest of the way to the checkers to claim his first win and Evan Marchand returned from the pits to be awarded the divisional championship.

            Marchand had come into the event with only Tyler Tomassi mathematically able to pull it away from him.  But both completed the evening offtrack, so the leadership did not change.

            At the outset, Dell came off the pole a nose ahead of Michael Cooper and Tomassi, trying to look under Dell, got into her rear quarter and they both spun, collecting LaVoie and Wesley Heard.
A full-race restart followed, with Cooper and Marchand on the front line, followed by LaVoie and Heard.  Dell started scratch after Tomassi was pushed to the pits.  Cooper took a nose on Marchand, who stayed to the high side. Dell passed Heard into fourth. They went door-to-door down the backstretch with Marchand leading on the outside.  He came loose and bounced off Cooper.  They continued trading paint into turn four fighting for position and snapped around in the curve.  Dell had passed LaVoie and come up to their bumpers and was collected.  She had lost her entire fiberglass nose and after a push-start from Preferred Towing, was ready to get back into the fray as Cooper and Marchand retired to the pits.

            Some discussion of divisional rules and then a quick safety inspection on-track determined she would be able to continue making her the third of as many cars that would be able to continue.

            It took two tries to get them moving again, as Dell spun in turn four on the first try.  Second time, Heard took a nose at the stripe but LaVoie came back in turn two to grab the front.  Dell then ducked under Heard into second.  They ran in line through laps seven, eight and nine.  Next time around, Dell was looking under LaVoie when she rode u onto the berm and go her left side wheels over into the grass, slowing her measurably and dropping her to the rear once again.

            With four laps remaining, she pressed to get back in. It took her two laps to overtake Heard as LaVoie pulled away at the front.  As the twin sticks came out, she was looking underneath Heard once again and succeeded at prying him out of second.  Just over one lap remained, and LaVoie had enough lead that overtaking was impossible.

            He romped under the checkered flag 2.2 seconds in the lead for the win.  Dell nailed down second and Heard claimed third.