Vinnie Arrenegado came on hot, powered to the front from the fifth row on lap ten, then led the remainder of the thirty-five laps to finish with his fifth win on the season. He was one of the top five contenders who could have mathematically won the championship and he had done his utmost with the victory. Behind him were arrayed the others who stood a chance as well: second went to seven-time champ Gerry DeGasparre, Jr., Tommy Adams was third and former champ Ryan Lineham fourth. Missing was contender Mark Jenison, victim of a late-race wreck; still he battled back to eighth on the field. However, Adams had come in with the points lead, and none of his challengers gathered enough to get by. His third place was sufficient to give him the crown after a long season of Late Model racing. Tyler Tomassi rounded out the top five on the evening.


Tomassi bolted from the box at the drop of the green, but could only get a nose by Charlie Rose, who came back for some door-to-door through turn three. Tomassi pushed his nose out again crossing the stripe and grabbed the front for himself in turn one. Dan Johnson then ducked under Rose and Bobby Tripp pulled in behind.

DeGasparre was winding up from the fourth row, where he’d started alongside Adams, and pushed into fourth and then got under Rose. Tomassi was two cars up on the field on laop four. But Arrenegado now lurked behind Gerry D, and under Charlie Rose. Adams was chasing Vinnie and Charlie settled in behind The Bomb after being stuck on the outside for five laps.

Lap six had Johnson still pursuing Tomassi while two cars back, DeGasparre was doing some wheel-to-wheel under Tripp with Arrenegado and Adams in tow. The field stretched out and they ran two laps without change but finally, with DeGasparre running third, Arrenegado made a move underneath but was denied. Tomassi had Johnson on his bumper and a modest distance behind came DeGasparre, Arrenegado and Adams, nose-to-tail. Vinny dodged under into third. Adams looked but was denied and Vinny began to close on Tomassi/Johnson. Tripp, Rose and Lineham were giving chase to Adams.

Nine laps in, and Arrenegado was nosing under Johnson, who resisted, but then they were door-to-door down the backstretch. Vinny went to second and in their vacuum, they had drawn Gerry D and The Bomb into a five-car bumper-to-bumper at the front.

Once more around and Arrenegado ducked under Tomassi in turn one and took over the lead. He began to open a gap while Rose dug in under Tripp for position.

Lap 19 saw him eight cars up on Tomassi, Johnson, DeGasparre and Adams. By lap 20, his lead was a full ten cars.

Arrenegado went into lap 22 a half-straightaway ahead and DeGasparre was working outside Johnson with Adams still at his back.

Ten to go and Lineham was a live, working under rose but Jenison, Jason Larivee and Paul Newcomb spun together out of turn four. Jenison kept moving and came back on track but Larivee and Newcomb were stock together in front of the flagstand.

Eleven to go and the restart had Arrenegado with Tomassi alongside. DeGasparre and Johnson were row two, with Adams and Rose just ahead of Lineham and Mark Hudson.

Vinnie got the jump on Tomassi and DeGasparre ducked under for second. Adams followed as did Johnson, dropping Tyler into fourth. Lineham then came under and took Johnson out of position to set in behind Tomassi.

Lineham wasted no time in looking underneath and went in to steal fourth. Arrenegado wasT now five cars up on the field, chased by DeGasparre, then Adams at his bumper. Lineham now had fourth, but was fifteen cars back and he set out to close the gap.

With five to go, Arrenegado was still running in clear air and DeGasparre had

At the white flag, Arrenegado still had a fifteen-car lead on Degasparre, who was one up on Adams. Eight cars back came Lineham, Tomassi and Johnson. The order remained unchanged to the checkers, where Arrenegado claimed the win. Adams, by virtue of his third place finish, had captured the 2019 championship.

Johnson was sixth and following him came Rose, Jenison, Mike Duarte, Larivee and Jerame “The Hammer” Lillie.