Tyler Lallier came back after narrowly missing the Sportsman Division championship the previous week to gather up all the marbles for the D. Anthony Venditti Memorial in the division. Lallier took the lead from Chris Gomes on lap 12 and Sparky Arsenault jumped into second after another trip around. From there, the wily veteran pursued Lallier with a vengance, took many shots at stealing the win, but in the end run, was unable to unseat the second-generation racer from the win. 2019 champ, Kid Chaos (Corey Fanning) chased both leaders intently for a third place finish, while Al Clements IV made his yearly visit to gather up fourth, just ahead of Paul Williams.

Manny Dias and Austin “Porkchop” Erickson kicked things off and Manny grabbed the lead, but second time around, the Diasmobile lost power and went to the pits, leaving Gomes in charge. Fanning grabbed second shuttling Erickson to third. As the field strung out, Arsenault started making moves to get under Porkchop. Next time around, however, David Smith spun on the front stretch.

Gomes and Fanning took the front with Erickson and Arsenault in row two. Lallier and Chad Baxter made up row three. The lap six restart went door-to-door through turn two until Gomes nosed out on the back stretch. Erickson grabbed his back bumper as he came under Fanning. When Gomes got loose in turn two, Erickson took a nose and Fanning  came around outside. But Gomes recovered and went back to the front. Ericson followed and Lallier was ducking under Fanning. Perry and Sparky were wheel-to-wheel behind them. Williams, Clements and Adam Pettey followed.

With Lallier following on his bumper, Erickson went under Gomes and then Lallier ducked under Erickson for the lead after they cleared. But Gomes was not quite done and climbed onto the outside to make it three-wide. He couldn’t hold the outside and went around collecting Perry. They were able to correct and continue, so caution did not fly. Lallier, however, had taken a long lead. Erickson was second followed by Arsenault. Fanning looked under Arsenault but Sparky escaped by taking on Erickson on the outside.

Arsenault went to second and Erickson took third, followed by Fanning, Clements and Williams. Fanning looked underneath Erickson, but was denied. He tried again and succeeded with Clements following him through the gap.

Lallier now had a half-lap on the field. The next six cars – Fanning, Clements, Erickson, Williams, Pettey and Gomes were running hard, nose-to-tail. Williams came along side and there was contact. Erickson spun and went immediately to the pits. He returned and lined a t the rear as Lallier and Arsenault lined up with Fanning and Clements at their backs.

They ran side-by-side into turn one and Lallier took a nose in turn two. Arsenault spent the final eleven laps after the restart looking for any way he could find around Lallier. But Tyler kept closing the door. The field strung out. Clements began trying his bag of tricks on Fanning. Neither Arsenault nor Clements could make their way past their adversaries.

The twin sticks loomed and then the white flag: still the combat continued – all the way to the finish line. At the checkers, it was Lallier, Arsenault and Fanning headed for the podium.

Sixth on the afternoon went to Gomes, followed by Pettey, Erickson and Tom Watson.