Andrew Kun followed up his first rookie win near season’s end with the ultimate victory in the season-ending DAV Memorial. As before, Kun started on the front row, holding pole position under Randy Moretti. They came out of the box dead even. They went wheel-to-wheel down the back, while in mid-pack Keri-Lyn Manfredo got together between turns one and two. Cars scattered and there was smoke everywhere, but the entire field managed to keep moving. On the second circuit, however, Jeremy Lambert’s motor went silent in turn three.
Kun and Moretti lined up again and again they were door-to-door across the stripe, hacksawing the lead. But Kun began to edge ahead and second time around, he was 90 percent past. On the next lap, Moretti attempted to drop in, but Daniel Massa was holding the low groove and Moretti’s rear quarter caught his nose, loosening Moretti up. Slowed and on the outside, he faded back. Masse settled in to chase the leader with John Robidoux, Jay Heroux and Moretti giving chase. In the back, 2014 champ, Mark Murphy was struggling with Ed Gould all over his bumper. By lap five, Kun was five cars up on Massa. Robidoux was another 2 back with Heroux on his bumper. Nick Johnson was fifth, leading Moretti and Scott Cestodio.
By lap 10 the three leaders were nose-to-tail, followed by Heroux and Johnson. They remained locked together through the next four laps, waiting for any opportunity that might come. On lap fifteen, the began to encounter lapped traffic.
Cestodio was running seventh, behind Moretti, but was beginning to experience mechanical difficulties. He dropped to ninth on lap fourteen, but held on. Four laps later, he dropped to thirteenth and shortly retired.
Massa was all over Kun’s bumper, trying to create an opportunity, but the opportunity went to Robidoux, who bided his time, then leapt in under Massa as he moved away from the edge of the track. By lap 20, he had taken the position from Massa.
The battle for second had allowed Kun to escape and he had a six-car lead on lap 22. Behind him, Massa was glued to Robidoux’ bumper. Heroux and Johnson battled for position behind them. One lap later, Massa was now all over Robidox’ bumper when Moretti spun between laps one and two, setting up for a three–lap shootout.
Kun and Robidoux lined up with Massa and Heroux on their tails, while Johnson and Amy Arsenault made up the third row. Kun nosed ahead out of the box and Robidoux dropped in and tried a crossover, but Kun was able to stay low and block the maneuver. Massa was now all over Robidoux’ bumper, getting him loose out of turn four, giving Kun time to forge a two-car margin, which he carried to the checkers.
Second went to Robidoux, followed by Massa and Nick Johnson. Fifth went to brother Dan Johnson, followed by Carlos Silva in sixth. Jay Heroux was seventh followed by Murphy, Arsenault, Manfredo, Moretti and Mike Henriques.