Ryan Kuhn made winning his way once again in 2016, this time taking the IMEX legends 25-lapper. This time, he was directly in battle with Nick Lascuola, who started on the outside pole. Kuhn came from low on the second row. Dana Dimatteo held down the pole and Jake Johnson sat on Kuhn’s shoulder. The field included top competitors from the IMEX series, making a competitive field.
Dimatteo pulled away and Lascuola gave chase with Kuhn and then Johnson in hot pursuit. Austin Teras was looking to drop under Johnson, but Jessica O’Leary and Mason Levesque spun in turn four, bringing out a red flag and an abulance crew checked O’Leary out before the event could continue. She walked to the ambulance for the ride to the pits for a checkup.
This time, Lascuola and Dimatteo were door to door for a lap before Dimatteo pulled ahead. Lascuola went top to bottom but couldn’t push past underneath. Dimatteo got high out of the turn. TJ Thompson and Johnson were together in turn four, but recovered and continued while Kuhn looked in under Lascuola, who pulled away. Dimatteo and Kuhn made contact giving Nick a longer lead. He went out to a ten-car gap and was going away.
Kuhn glommed onto Dimatteo’s bumper as Lascuola continued with an eight car margin. Flynn, Teras and Jesse “The Mop” Jakubajtys followed.
By lap ten, Lascuola was back to a ten-car lead and on the following, Brandon “Batman” Martinez and Nick Packard tangled in turn two. Martinez recovered and followed the field while Packard remained stuck in turn two.
Lascuola came back on the pole with Dimatteo on his right and Kuhn on his bumper. Flynn was outside the second row. Dimatteo nosed out on Lascuola, who held on then took the lead. Kuhn fell in behind then drove under into second onto Lascuola’s bumper. Behind them, Martinez was diving under Flynn and Teras.
Lascuola continujed to lead but was taking pressure from Kuhn who tried to drop under then rocketed down the backstretch into the lead. Lascuola dropped under for the low pass but Kuhn slammed the door. Dimatteo powered into second and made a run at Kuhn, but caution flew for a car stuck by the wall in turn two.
The lap 17 restart had Kuhn and Dimatteo wheel-to-wheel until Kuhn nosed ahead in turn two and pulled away. Lascuola ducked under and into second and TJ Thompson got into Dimatteo, who spun up near the wall. Thompson was assessed the assist and they both went to the rear.
Kuhn and Lascuola lined up and Lascuola came out of the box hard and drifted up the track a bit, allowing Kuhn to take the lead. Batman zeroed in on Lascuola’s bumper and the race was on., chased by Flynn and Johnson. Flynn edged outside, allowing Johnson to get onto the bumper of Martinez.
By lap 21, Kuhn was leading Lascuola, Flynn, Johnson and Martinez. Batman went around Johnson into fourth while Dimatteo moved into sixth and Teras snagged seventh on lap 23. The field fought its way through the next two laps to the checkers without changing places, granting Kuhn another win on the season.
Following Teras’ seventh place were: Shileigh Martinez, Jakubajtys, Derek Glucharki, Nick Packard and Andrew Molleur.