Late Model champ from 2018, Bridgewater’s Ryan Kuhn – took time off from his busy American Canadian Tour schedule to take down the win at the DAV Memorial race to end the Seekonk season. Kuhn dominantly leads the rookie-of-the-year standings and is running fourth, overall, on the tour. Kuhn and Gerry DeGasparre, Jr., exchanged fusillades from first and second place for the latter two-thirds of the race with Ryan edging Gerry D out of the pocket 24 laps in. Gerry had taken over after Jeramme “The Hammer” Lillie led from the start into lap 13.

It was a two-caution feature covering 50 laps and action was intense throughout.

At the outset, Lillie had come off the pole with Tyler Tomassi and after a brief wheel-to-wheel challenge had the lead in turn two by a nose. He was clear of Tomassi in turn four and Nick Uhrig took his turn to get underneath while it went three wide for fourth place between DeGasparre, Paul Newcomb and Ryan Lineham. The three wide lasted into lap two and then lap three before Newcomb backed out of the middle. But Tomassi loomed and he became a new member of the trio with Gerry and Ryan wrapping around him.

Kuhn vaulted forward from seventh, but after some bumper tag and a check up, caution reigned and newly-crowned Late-Model champ Tom The Bomb Adams went pitside.

The restart had Lillie and Uhrig at the front, DeGasparre and Lineham and then Kuhn and Tomassi. As Lillie took the lead, Degasparre got under Uhrig and Kuhn ducked under Lineham. Tomassi followed and Mark Hudson escaped Ryan Morgan to run seventh.

Kuhn moved up under Uhrkig and into third behind DeGasparre. Uhrig and Lineham followed. DeGasparre began to bother Lillie incessantly while Kuhn looked to Gerry’s outside. Uhrig followed while Vinnie Arrenegado looked under Morgan for seventh but was rebuffed. Degasparre then climbed to Lillie’s high side and got his nose past in turn two. It was a fender down the backstretch and finally a full lead going through turn two. Lillie now had Kuhn at his back.

Adams, who had suffered a crushed nose in the earlier caution, now went pitside as Chase Belcher, attempting to also leave the track had his motor fall silent high in turn four and required a push from the wrecker.

The front row for the restart was now DeGasparre and Kuhn. Gerry took a nose crossing the stripe and a full lead in turn one. Kuhn stayed close and Lillie argued third with Uhrig. The Hammer suddenly checked up and Uhrig shot into third. Newcomb came up alongside Lillie.

DeGasparre and Kuhn put four carlengths on Uhrig as Lille gave chase with Lineham on his tail and Charlie Rose coming on, digging in under Morgan. Kuhn was able to turn the tables and came back to take the lead at the midpoint of the fifth-lapper. It began an extended chase between the Sophomore and the veteran, which lasted all the way to the checkered flag.

The field quickly strung out. As Rose pulled ahead, Arrenegado ducked underneath Morgan. Newcomb found his way under Uhrig into third with Lillie holding fifth. Vinnie now ducked under Lineham to chase Rose. Arrenegado looked under Rose and there was contact. Morgan was getting under Lineahm and Josh Hedges looked under the both, creating a three-wide. As it broke down, Morgan was under Lineham and Mark Jenison had edged in under Hedges.

The field had gone single file once again, and it became a high-speed chase. Jennison got under Lineham and took over the position. Hedges then did the same. Arrenegado was working on Uhrig for fourth with five circuits remaining. He got onto his bumper then underneath for some door-to-door. Vinnie inched out then finally got the position to himself in turn three, heading for the twin sticks with two laps remaining.

At the finish, it was Kuhn and DeGasparre 1-2 for the event, with Newcomb grabbing third and a podium spot. Arrenegado and Urhig rounded out the top five.

Completing the top ten were Charlie Rose, Lillie, Morgan, Hedges and Lineham. Just off the pace came Jenison, Hudson, Colby Lambert and Dane Saritelli, with Tomassi in fifteenth.