Late Models’ 2018 champ, Ryan Kuhn came back from his sojourns with the American Canadian Tour to capture the 50-lap Power Five feature in the last turn of the race, spoiling Mark Jenison’s effort to grab his second win of the season. Jenison had led since prying Nick Uhrig off the front on lap 37. Over the final couple of laps, however, Jennison was seen having trouble keeping his ride in the low groove and Kuhn sought to take advantage underneath. As they swung through turn three on the final circuit, with Jenison seeking to shut the door, there was contact and Mark wiggled enough for Kuhn to go under in turn four and Vinny Arrenegado to follow him into second. That’s how they finished, with Kuhn taking the win, Vinny second and Jenison third. Ryan Lineham and Gerry DeGasparre, Jr rounded out the top five, making it three Late Model title-holders in the quintet.

Bobby Tripp jumped off the pole into the lead and Nick Uhrig got by Dan Johnson into second to chase Tripp over the first 23 laps. Paul Necomb clambered into third going into lap two and remained there until lap eighteen. Kuhn had started fourth, but was stuck on the outside and slipped back ngil by lap seven, he was running ninth. For fifteen laps, Kuhn held that position, amidst a static group which included Derek Gluchaki and Tyler Tomassi. Jenison, however, was powering forward from his ninth place start. By lap five he was past Johnson into fifth, where he plateaued until lap 13. Ahead were Lineham in fourth, Newcomb in third, Uhrig and Tripp.

Uhrig ran close to Tripp making frequent attempts to get by, but Tripp held him off. The 20-car field was single file by lap eight and Necomb was closing on Uhrig so that the top three ran nose-to-tail on lap ten. Behind them Jenison was working the outside on Ryan Lineham then DeGasparre running door-to-door with Johnson. Arrenegado followed with Kuhn on his tail. Johnson got past DeGasparre.

Uhrig got all over Tripp’s bumper, but Bobby put a carlength between them as Lineham took a look to Jenison’s high side then dropped back in. The order held over the next three laps. Uhrig grew impatient and gave Tripp a tap on the bumper as Newcomb continuted to run hard at his back.

Jenison arrived and went to Newcomb’s outside, then took over third on lap 18. Behind Newcomb, DeGasparre and Lineahm were side-by-side, ahead of Arrenegado and Kuhn was below Johnson with Gluchacki pestering them from behind.

Uhrig, on lap 19 looked underneath and went in. The battled and Uhrig tot loose allowing Tripp to move back ahead. He tried again as Newcomb came back underneath Jenison/ Uhrig was able to get past Tripp on lap 24. Caution came out bringing a lap 24 restart, but Uhrig kept the lead for the restart and Tripp lined up outside. Newcomb and Jenison followed with Lineham and Arrenegado in row three. Kuhn and Johnson followed. Uhrig grabbed the lead and Jenison went under Tripp. Lineham followed. Kuhn was next and went into fourth Once established, he got under Lineham. Jenison was closing on Uhrig, a half-car back.

Mike Duarte, closing on Tripp, banged into his back and went around, bringing caution. The lap 34 restart had Uhrig under Jenison at the front with Kuhn behind Uhrig and Lineham on his shoulder. Tom Adams had arrived and was under Gluchacki in row three. Uhrig nosed ahead and Jenison stayed outside. They ran wheel-to-wheel for three laps before Jenison could secure the front. Kuhn then ducked under uhrig as Adams watched from fourth with Lineham at his back. Gluchacki dropped into fifth.

Jenison established a three car lead over Kuhn and over the next three laps pushed it out to four lengths. But with eight remaining, Duarte’s tire went down in turn one. Mike did a full 360, then mad an amazing save into turn two and comes out facing in the direction of the traffic. He attempted to go pitside, but ground to a halt at the tunnel entrance and had to be taken off by the wrecker.

Jenison bolted three-quarters past Kuhn coming out of the starting box, then took full control in turn two. Lineham followed and Arrenegado was coming under Johnson behind him. Going into lap 46, Jenison was a car up on Kuhn when Tomassi spun in turn two. Jenison grabbed the lead again coming across the stripe on the restart and Kuhn fell in behind with Uhrig on his tail. Lineham got under Uhrig while Arrenegado was working round Uhrig into third. 

Jenison, it was now apparent, was having a time holding in the low groove and Kuhn sought to leverage that to his advantage. He kept nosing under and Jennison worked at keeping the door shit. But as he struggled through turn three headed for the checkers, Kuhn tried again. There was a moment’s contact and Jenison came loose this time and wiggled into turn four, rising up. Kuhn shot under and Arrenegado, ever the opportunist, shot through as well. Jenison recovered his stick and grabbed third ahead of Lineham and DeGasparre. Uhrig grabbed sixth, followed by Adams, Newcomb, Ryan Morgan, Gluchacki, Mark Hudson and Johnson.