For the third consecutive week, Dana Dimatteo has battled it out with the best for a repeat win on his July victory. Last week it was points leader Jake the Jet Johnson and the week before it was Ryan Kuhn. This week it was Kuhn once more. They battled from lap eight to the finale on lap 25 and Kuhn won by one-half of a second this time around. Kuhn has a fistfull of victories on the season but still is chasing Johnson, who went into this week ahead by 56 points. The Jet managed a sixth place overall, only allowing Kuhn to shave 12 points from the total.

Twenty-six Legends competitors showed up and for the second consecutive week, they ran three qualifying races and a consolation event to determine the final four participants in the feature. Twenty-four cars lined up for the start of the feature race.

Nick Packard went ahead on the outside, but Shileigh Martinez ran under for second while behind them, they were fighting three-wide for third, including Derek Gluchacki, Josh Parsons and Mason Levesque. But Martinez took over the lead, shifting Packard back to second as Gluchacki escaped the three-wide into third. “The Mop”, Jesse Jakubajtys, grabbed fourth. Jakubajtys moved up to run wheel-to-wheel with Martinez while Kuhn roared into fourth. Lap five showed Shileigh running at the front by four cars with Kuhn, followed by DiMatteo coming under . Kuhn dodged under Martinez and into the lead. Lap seven saw him running away as Dimatteo got under Martinez into second. Nick Lascuola roared up and into third and by lap nine the front of the field looked like this: Kuhn, DiMatteo, Lascuola, newcomer Dillon Spain and Martinez.
TJ Thompson pulled in behind Spain, determining the top six, a configuration that continued to the checkers.

By lap eleven, Kuhn was enjoying a five car lead over Dimatteo and Lascuola. Just as the began encountering lapped traffic, Martinez got sideways in turn four and collected Derek Gluchacki. Both were able to continue.

Kuhn pulled away at the green but Dimatteo got back underneath him before Kuhn again nosed away on lap 13. Spain ran up on the outside in turn two before Lascuola grabbed third back. Lap fourteen saw Kuhn, Dimatteo, Lascuola, Spain and Thompson as the top five.

Spain looked under Lascuola and drove in and they went wheel-to-wheel for a bit before Lascuola reclaimed his position. The group brawled their way across the final four laps as Johnson moved into the lead group, getting under Brandon Packard and then Joshua Parsons for sixth behind Thompson.

At the finish, it was Kuhn, Dimatteo, Lascuola, Spain, Thompson, Johnson, Parsons, Packard, newcomer Will Bristle and Brendon Hammond as the top ten finishers. Jakubajtys was just outside the top ten. Twelfth and thirteenth went to Adam Avedisian and Matt Carpenter, who qualified via the conci.