Corey Fanning, a.k.a Kid Chaos, came off the pole and ran unheeded for the entire 25 laps of Sportsman Division racing. It might sound easy, but he had intense competition all the way to the checkers, first from a determined Scott Bruneau; then for five laps with Tom “The Bomb” Adams. Fanning finished off his evening, grinding it out with Paul Lallier for the final eight circuits. Lallier ran second, right on the winner’s rear bumper and Bruneau was a close third. Adams and Flood completed the top five.

Dick Benoit started on Fanning’s outside, and they ran door-to-door until the latter seized the lead out of turn two. Bruneau then drove in under Benoit. Behind them, Craig Pianka was working outside Adams while Lallier came up to their bumpers. But Adams ducked under Benoit, looking for third and Lallier remained glued to his bumper.

Paul Williams had gotten past Benoit, then been passed by Adams on lap eight. But Rob Murphy spun on lap eight, bringing caution. The restart saw Fanning and Bruneau at the front with Williams and Adams behind them. Lallier and Benoit were row three. On the green, Fanning nosed out in turn two and took the front on turn three, but a spin by Smokin’ Joe Kohler had them setting up again after one lap. This time, Fanning nosed out with Bruneau battling all the way. They went door-to-door through lap ten and into eleven. Adams went to Fanning’s bumper and as Bruneau fell back, they were side-by-side. Next to run under Bruneau was Lallier, keeping him stuck outside. By lap 14, Fanning was running at the head with Adams on his bumper, with Lallier in turn at Adams’ bumper and Bruneau locked in behind. Flood was running fifth.

Lap 17 saw Vinny Pangelinan into the front stretch wall. It might have been a devastating hit, but Ant Kohler was trying to get out of the way and made contact with Vinny, deflecting him so that the contact with the barrier was more a glancing blow. Vinny got a push start and headed for the pits for adjustments. For Kohler it was the end of the evening.
Fanning nosed out crossing the stripe under green, then took the lead for himself in turn three. Lallier dodged under Adams into second. Fanning stayed tight against the low side to hold Lallier off, who swerved high and low again and again, seeking a route into the lead. Meanwhile, Flood was getting below Adams after passing Bruneau. Flood grabbed third and Bruneau then worked on Adams, taking fourth with three laps to go. He went to work on Flood and edged him out of third with two laps remaining.

At the finish, Fanning had the win over Lallier by .26 seconds after a fierce firefight. Bruneau fired in third, ahead of Adams and Flood.

Sixth went to Sparky Arsenault, followed by Scott Serydynski, Williams, Pianka, Chad Baxter, Ed Flanagan, Jr. and Jesse Melberg.