Kid Chaos – Corey Fanning – knew it was a tough night coming up. He won last week, so the handicapping rules had him starting at the back this week. He started sixteenth on the field but that didn’t hold him back. Twenty laps into the 35-lap feature he was at the front, prying Smokin’ Joe Kohler out of the post he had held since lap three. Kohler just wouldn’t go away, either and kept storming after Fanning, until Kyle Casper ran in with three to go and stole second on a lap 32 restart.

Kohler was stuck on the outside and got sideways, spoiling his bid. Casper gathered up second and Tyler Lallier rushed in for third while Scott Bruneau and Chad Baxter rounded out the top five.

Jason Steely and Paul Williams started side-by-side at the outset and Steely nosed into the lead. Vinny Pangelinan ran under Williams and into second but Kohler came up fast from seventh to take the lead away on lap four. Brother Ant Kohler then roared in to briefly stick his nose past to be recorded at the front on lap six. But sibling rivalries being the word of the day, Smokin’ Joe wouldn’t let it pass and took the lead once again.

By now, Casper had arrived and took over second to chase Joe for the next nine laps, but Kohler would not relinquish the lead.

Four laps in, the contest had its first caution flag as Joe Melberg found himself going on the hook in front of the starter stand, other cars (including Chris Gomes) were scattered about along with a good deal of vehicle debris. Neither driver returned to action.

Pangelinan and Austin Erickson were on the front for the restart but Smokin’ Joe and Steely were behind them, backed up by Ant and Adam Pettey.

Pangelinan jumped away crossing the stripe and Joe Kohler got underneath and into second. He grabbed the front, next time around Ant stole it but another circuit put it back in Joe’s hands.

Four laps after Joe took the front, Casper arrived, shuttled Ant back and pursued Joe. Baxter jumped in to deprive Ant of third , which he held for three laps until Fanning rushed up and passed Pangelinan to secure fourth. Erickson dueled Pangelinan while Fanning worked past Baxter.

After Fanning got by, Vinny put on the pressure and got around Baxter into fourth, which he held into lap 28.

Erickson looked under Baxter who dropped in to block

Lap 15 saw Joe Kohler, Casper and Fanning running nose-to-tail ahead of Pangelinan, Erickson, Baxter and Scott Bruneau. Lallier was working his way up on Bruneau’s tail, Steve Axon was on his and Paul Lallier was on Axon’s bumper.

The field was single file and running hard with no passing for several laps. In the middle of the pack, Bruneau, Tyler, Axon, Paul, Sparky Arsenault and Captain Fun (Craig Pianka) were running nose-to-tail.

Fanning had passed Casper on lap 16. He worked on Kohler for three more and was in the lead going into lap 20. Kohler pursued with Casper at his back, but Fanning began to build a lead. With six remaining, he was out front by ten cars

Ray LeBrun began having problems with his tire. Ericson got around in turn three and Kevin Rioux became involved and ended up plowing across the infield from the entrance to turn one into the middle of turn two.

Fanning’s lead evaporated and he lined up with Kohler. Casper and Baxter were side-by-side and row three was Pangelina and Bruneau. They broke, Fanning grabbed a two-car lead, then Pangelinan spun off turn four. Fanning and Casper now lined up ahead of Kohler and Baxter. Fanning went to another five-car advantage but Steely ground to a halt in turn four.

Fanning and Kohler now had the front row. Casper and Axon were in two. Tyler and Bruneau followed. Paul Lallier had been caught in the accordion effect as everybody slowed and his nose was pushed back and he retired.

As the green fell, Fanning jumped ahead out of turn two and Casper came in under Kohler. Tyler followed. Baxter and Bruneau were behind them. Under the white flag, Fanning was up by four cars over Casper. Lallier passed Kohler into third and Kohler was suddenly sideways as the field flashed past and left him at fourteenth place as the last car running.

Sixth on the evening went to Pianka, followed by Axon, Tim Watson, Paul Williams, Pettey, Pangelinan and Steely.