Josh Parsons came home the winner in Legends but it didn’t come easy and it had its odd moments as well. He started tenth, chased his way to the front by lap five, then pursued a very fast Brendan Hammann for the lead. However, as they prepared for a lap 10 restart, both Hammann and Parsons began swerving to scrub marbles off their tires. They bounced off each other and came to a stop in turn two. They re-egaged and drove around into turn four and came to a stop there. Parsons was able to pull away and rejoin the field, but Hammann remained immobile and finally had to be towed to the pits.

Parsons went on to battle to the finish with Derek Gluchacki driving Don Parsons’ car as a substitute driver and Connor Holderbach who finished third. Reagan Parent and Peter Bennett had fourth and fifth place finishes.

Connor Souza and RJ Marcotte started things off with a battle over the front: Souza grabbed the lead in turn two. Mason Tessier came from outside the second row to nab second and Jacob Burns climbed into third.

But Hamman was streaking up from an eighth-place start and was at Burns’ back bumper on lap two, then into third on lap three. Another circuit and he had moved Tessier out of second.

On lap 5, he was door-to-door with the leader as Parsons came in on Souza’s back bumper and lap 7 saw Hamman grab the lead. He had jetted out to an eight-car lead over the next lap, Parsons had take over second and Bennett was fourth behind Souza.

Souza broke loose and did a 360 spin which took him up to the wall between turns three and four.

Now Hammann and Parsons lined for the restart with Bennett and Holderbach behind them. Gluchacki had now come up to fifth place after starting eleventh. Hammann wasted no time in taking the lead on the lap eight restart and Parsons dropped in ahead of Bennett. Holderbach and Gluchacki pursued with Reagan Parent, Burns and Tessier following.

But lap ten saw two cars together with a hard hit in turn two. Jeff Wood had apparently clumbed the wheel on Jake Klaeamovich’s car and rolled over twice. Wood took the ambulance ride to the pits but the EMT’s cleared him fairly quickly. The red flag situation took up a fair amount of time on the clock.

Again, they lined up, but Burns and Tessier came together in turn two, so another try was made for the restart. This time, Hammann and Parsons bounced off each other, ending the night for Hammann. Parsons, in his victory lane conversation with Kevin Boucher explained that he had gotten his finger caught in his steering wheel and had a momentary loss of control while they were cleaning tires.

Parsons now had Bennett on his outside. Holderbach and Gluchacki were row two with Ryan Doucette and Reagan Parent behind them. Parsons grabbed the lead and Bennett fought back up. But Holderbach got underneath Bennett and Gluchacki jumped onto Holderbach’s bumper. Parent was running fifth. Parsons generated a three-car lead as Holderbach and Gluchacki got by Bennett.

With 12 laps to go, Matt Carpenter spun out of turn two after contact with Andrew Carpenter. Again they lined up and again Parsons took the lead. Gluchacki ducked under Holderbach and glommed onto Parsons’ bumper. Parent edged in under Bennett looking to take fourth. Gluchacki now got below Parsons and they ran side-by-side for two laps until RJ Marcotte spun on the backstretch. Parsons had the edge and was awarded the pole for the restart and nosed out on from the box. They were wheel-to-wheel across the stripe.

Parsons took a nose inturn two and Holderbach got under Gluchacki and back into second. Bennett and Parent gave chase. Gluchacki was now back under Holderbach and back into second in turn two. But as Parsons led the field by three cars, Newcomb spun out in turn four.

Parsons took a two-car lead on the restart, Holderbach was in second and Gluchacki again dropped under to take the spot. But Burns ground to a halt in turn two and red flags flew and emergency crews were called. Burns was having a problem with his arm. He was taken to the pits and examined. Personnel cleared him.

Again, Parson’s got away on the restart and the Holderbach/Gluchacki competition continued. Two laps remained and the trio at the front battled it out but did not change places. Parsons shot under the checkers in the lead to claim his f irst feature of the season.

Sixth on the event went to Matt Carpenter, followed by Ryan Doucette, Souza, Marcotte, Tessier and Jonathan Deshaies.