SEEKONK, Mass. — Isaiah Newcomb isn’t going down without a fight.
The driver of the No. 22 Newcomb Tree Service Seekonk Grand Prix Bandolero Outlaw appeared on the latest edition of the Seekonk Speedway Race Day Rewind — after his second victory of the season — and made it clear he’s going for the title. He’s closed to within just two points of Nick Chaber Jr. and wants to earn his first crown at Seekonk.
“I had a bad start to the season with a fourth, and I crashed once, but I keep doing good now in the races and it’s bringing me up to the top,” Newcomb said. “I want this championship pretty bad.”
After crashing out on July 31, Newcomb has finished third or better in the last four races, including visiting Victory Lane on September 18. It’s become clear he has one of the fastest cars in the division, and in a class where the median age can’t be more than 13, Newcomb is also one of the most consistent. In seven races, the only blunder outside the top-five was the night he got in a wreck.
But the Bandolero’s are not easy to drive around Seekonk’s third-mile. The bumpy surface can create quite the challenge for a young driver like Newcomb.
“In turn four there is a bump that brings you to the top of the track and it can make it hard to drive,” Newcomb said. “My car is super fast because of the work my mom and dad do — they work on it so much. It’s easy to go around everyone when you have a fast car.”
Newcomb has also been competing in the Nick’s Pit Stop Legends Cars, where he rides fifth in the championship battle heading for the final three races. The swapping back and forth between cars on a Friday night has been quite the challenge for him, with only the Pure Stock feature in between his races, for him to take a quick breather.
“You have to floor it through the corner and steer it so you don’t spin out, but I’m getting better at the Legends,” Newcomb said. “I ran my fastest lap time last week. I’m not ready (to win) yet, but I think next year I’ll definitely be ready to win some races.”
Like all other Bandolero competitors, Newcomb has a strong base of supporters behind him.
“My mom and dad — they work on the car so much and I go outside and help, this is what makes me fast — my dad figures it out,” Newcomb said. “All of my sponsors, every single one of them help me with the car. They all help.”
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