SEEKONK, Mass. — With real-life racing stopped for the time being, Seekonk Speedway is set to return to virtual competition on Thursday night, live on, at Irwindale Speedway. Seekonk’s top iRacing competitors will journey to California, from their home, to compete for 150 laps in the Memorial Classic presented by Bernier’s Liquors.
Bernier’s Liquors is located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and is a family-owned company that has been in business more than 60 years. Peter Bernier, the owner, is no stranger to the racing community — he’s competed at Seekonk previously, and has been around for more than 50 years at short-tracks in the area. Currently, Bernier’s Liquors is the proud sponsor of Ryan Kuhn, the 2018 Seekonk Late Model champion and defending Rookie of the Year on the American Canadian Tour. Bernier is pleased to partner with Seekonk for the iRacing sponsorship, and will have Kuhn, and fellow iRacing competitor Thomas Axsom, carrying his colors during the race on Thursday.
His sponsorship will provide a payout to the top-five competitors in the field, while also dishing some cash into the point fund for the Seekonk Road Trip Tour for the end of the season.
“We’re happy to have Peter join as a sponsor of the iRacing Road Trip Tour,” Ed St. Germain, Seekonk’s Director of Business Development, said. “Peter has a proven business, and proven success with the cars he sponsors in real-life, with Ryan becoming so victorious so quickly in his young career. We look forward to Thursday’s race, and also look forward to the day we can return to real-life action at Seekonk.”
With two races down, and two different winners, the championship battle will continue to heat up, with some new drivers joining the field for competition. Brandon Wilkinson and Ryan Kuhn, the two winners and top-two in the championship standings, are going to be major threats on Thursday. Other top challengers expected include Richard Regan Jr., Ryan Doucette, PJ Evans, Jake Matheson, Richard Murray and Jake Johnson. Names like Giovanni Ruggerio, Karlin Levesque, Tom Scully III, Ryan Vanasse Jr., Mason Tessier and more are also expected, along with others.
The iRacing Road Trip Tour continues to provide Seekonk race fans a form of racing entertainment during the COVID shutdown, while showcasing drivers from all of Seekonk’s divisions, both Fast Friday and NASCAR Saturday. There is a strong mix of former track champions, winners, and youth talent in the field. Drivers will qualify prior to the drop of the green flag for the broadcast, and the starting lineup will be set for competition via the finish of heat races and a small invert at the front of the field.
“The quality of drivers for this race at Irwindale is going to showcase Seekonk’s youth talent and some of the best veterans the track offers on a virtual level,” Kyle Souza, Seekonk’s News Manager and iRacing Event Coordinator, said. “Irwindale produces multiple-groove racing, and we’re looking forward to watching our competitors put on a show on”
Outside of Bernier’s Liquors, multiple contingency partners continue to support the iRacing Road Trip Tour, and a new sponsor has joined the program for the Irwindale event.Lucas Milhaupt is a global manufacturer of brazing and metal joining materials, and have locations across the globe. In real-life, they sponsor Karlin Levesque in Seekonk’s Sport 4 division, and on iRacing, they are going to support the fourth-place driver on lap 44, with a $4.44 award, in honor of all the number four’s involved. Levesque’s real-life racing number is 44.
Other contingency sponsors on the program include Watermark Electric, Team V Racing, Route 6 Auto Mall Kia, A&A Auto Parts, Atlantic Yacht Rigging, Anchor Paws Rescue, Trent Goodrow Designs and Helger’s Southcoast Power Equipment.
Seekonk Speedway is committed to working with government and public health officials in the real-life world to get as much racing in as possible during the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The official start to the season has been delayed until more concrete details are available. Stay updated with the latest news by visiting the track on Facebook and
ENTERED DRIVERS: Memorial Day 150 Presented by Bernier’s Liquors
02 — Tom Scully III
09 — Josh Parsons
4 — Reese Bogue
5 — Austin Flanagan
7 — Giovanni Ruggerio
8 — Richie Murray
10 — Andrew Gomes
11 — Ryan Vanasse Jr.
13 — Thomas Axsom
12 — PJ Evans
15 — Jake Johnson
18 — Steve Bowden
21 — Kyle Casper
29 — Josh Hedges
31 — Trent Goodrow
39 — Richard Regan Jr.
41 — Nate McCombe
42 — Mason Tessier
44 — Karlin Levesque
52 — Jake Matheson
56 — Brandon Wilkinson
60 — Brad Sousa
64 — Robert Rund
65 — Mike Floyd
72 — Ryan Kuhn
77 — Ryan Doucette
89 — Tyler Alkas