Mark Hudson has done it all since he started at Seekonk quite a few years back. He went onto the ACT Tour for several years before deciding to check back in where it all began. He’s been one of the top runners at the track, but that feature win has always been tantalizingly a millimeter or two beyond his grasp. Now, he has taken care of that as well with a dominant victory in the Power Five laps-added feature. To Do It, he had to hold off the likes of Ryan Lineham, Bobby Tripp and Gerry DeGasparre, Jr. There are more than a fistfull of championships held by those three pursuers, but Hudson was on a mission, and none could pass.

Jeremy Lambert, who had won his heat race, kicked off from the pole with Mike Duarte on the outside. Hudson was outside Jason Larivee in row two. Lambert poked ahead but Duarte grabbed the lead in turn two. Lambert rose up the track bumped Duarte and loosened him up. But Mike recovered and took off. Two laps in, he had a six-car lead on Lambert. Larivee was third with Hudson coming around the outside. Two laps later the advantage was ten cars and Hudson was alongside Lambert. They went around to the stripe this way. Lap five saw Hudson push into second on the backstretch and Larivee looked to Lambert’s high side.

Adams hauled in on Lambert’s bumper on lap seven and Dan Johnson followed . Craig Weinstein was behind them. Then came a three-wide between DeGasparre, Mark Jenison, and Lineham.

Ten laps in and Hudson had pared Duarte’s lead down to five cars. But Paul Newcomb spun in the middle of the backstretch, bringing a lap 21 restart.

Duarte and Hudson lined up and they went wheel-to-wheel across the stripe and through turn two. Hudson got his nose ahead in turn three but Duarte drove back even. Hudson pushed ahead a bit coming down the front. However, Lambert went to the wall on the backstretch. Weinstein was caught up and it ended his night. DeGasparre spun down the backstretch to avoid. Lambert, Degasparre and Newcomb headed pitside. Lambert remained there for the duration.

This time, Hudson took a nose at the outset. He took control coming out of turn four and Adams dropped in under Duarte. Eighteen laps remained as he cleared under Duarte and set out after Hudson. He looked under and went in, but Newcomb went around in turn four. Gerry D made a tremendous save to escape from Newcomb’s spin.

The uncompleted lap shuttled the restart back and Duarte reclaimed his second. Adams started third underneath Mark Jenison. Hudson had a half-car on Duarte coming across the start-finish line and took the lead in turn one. Adams dived into second but again caution flew as Larivee went around. Ryan Souliere and Newcomb were collected. Newcomb pitted. It had started as a three-wide and Larivee got sideways.

Hudson grabbed the lead again, they went three laps but Johnson went 360 degrees at the stripe.

Hudson and Adams faced off and Mark got half his car past and then into the lead in turn two. Jenison got under Adams and Trupp was under Arrenegado behind them. Lineham was door-to-door with Scott Serydynski. Hudson put a car length on Jenison who took second from Adams Tripp looked underneath but couldn’t go.

Adams and Newcomb got together on the backstretch and slammed the wall, sending sparks. The red flag flew. Both drivers were able to climb out of their machines.

Fourteen laps remained as Hudson and Jenison faced off. Hudson grabbed the lead again coming out of turn two. Tripp now dodged under Jenison while Hudson generated a two-car lead. Arrenegado waited for Tripp and Jenison to settle. Behind him, Serydynski and Lineham were debating position.

Tripp nosed ahead and Arrenegado got under Jenison. Hudson now had a five-car lead. Tripp got sideways on the backstretch, Vinny shot under him, but his nose came up and he spun in front of Tripp up the track. Tripp and Jenison both spun as well. Jenison restarted and rejoined the pack. Arrenegaado was sitting still in turn two. Jenison headed for the pits and Arrenegado was off on the hook.

Ten to go and Hudson edged away from Tripp, grabbing the lead in turn four. Lineham and Serydynski wrapped around Tripp, three wide as Hudson went to a ten-car lead. Lineham came out ahead of Tripp and Serydynski settled in behind.

Over the next two laps, the lead went down to four cars as Lineham bore down on the leader. With four to go, it was three cars. Next lap it was three. DeGasparre went under Serydynski into fourth. With two to go, Lineham had ground Hudson’s lead down to two cars and was up to his bumper as they flashed under the white flag.

But Hudson was able to hold him at bay through the final circuit to claim the long-sought prize. Lineham was second and Tripp third. DeGasparre and Serydynski rounded out the top five. Dan Johnson was in for sixth, while Duarte, Jenison, Souliere and Arrenegado completed the top ten.