The first third of the Pure Stock feature was a mad scramble for position; the second third of the thirty-lapper was a consolidation of gains and the final ten laps was a rapid parade to the finish line. At the grand finale of the event, Mike Henriques dashed home the victor over tenacious DJ Pires.  Pires got some small revenge over ‘18 division champ Doug Benoit (Pires finished second overall in points this season) by preceding him across the finish line.  Benoit grabbed third.  Fourth went to Max Bergstrom, who had led the first ten laps then ran second to the midpoint of the feature.  Rounding out the top five came Greg Perry, Jr.

            The Outlaw, Danny Massa, Jr. had the pole for the green but Bergstrom took the lead from the outside after a brief debate.  Pires got under Massa but The Outlaw shot ahead.

            Two laps in, Henriques was under Pires and behind them Perry was working under Benoit.  Lenny Sousa got under Benoit as Perry pulled ahead.  Massa, running second, now saw Henriques move in underneath and Pires dropped in behind Sousa in sixth.  Behind Pires, Benoit ducked under Tommy Blackwell for position.

            Sousa was all over Perry’s bumper.  By lap eight, Bergstrom still held onto the lead with Henriques second, followed by Massa, Perry, Sousa, Pires, Benoit and Blackwell. Sousa and Massa then got together and brought out the caution.

            The lap 20 restart saw Bergstrom and Henriques door-to-door through two laps before Henriques could shed the pesky Bergstrom and claim the lead.  Perry and Pires began a three-lap, side-by-side battle which ended with Perry nosing into third.

            Caution came with 14 laps remaining as Cliff Avila spun off turn four.  He kept on, but caution had already been called.

            Henriques kept Bergstrom at bay on the restart and Pires got underneath and into second.  Bergstrom dropped to third with Benoit on his back.  Benoit got underneath as Perry watched for opportunities.  By lap 18, Henriques led by a carlength over Pires who got loos in turn one.  Benoit followed, three cars up on Marissa Morgan.  Sousa and Blackwell were debating behind her.

            The field was single file and stretching out but a few cars were still working at moving up.  Benoit spent the remainder of the feature trying to figure out how to get past Pires.  Sousa was looking to snare fifth, but Morgan was looking at getting by him for position. She succeeded with four laps remaining, then was all over Perry’s tail for his spot.

            In the final analysis, Morgan ran in for sixth.    She was followed by Sousa, Blackwell, Massa, Cliff Avila and Adrien Sardinha.