Derek Gluchacki closed out his season with his seventh win at the Venditti Memorial.  He won more races than any of the rest but was deterred from a championship when health problems kept him away from opening night.  Going into race four, he already had a second and a win. Jake Matheson and Josh Parsons battled to a near standoff for the points as Gluchacki seemed to win everything in sight. At the end, Jake was 2 points up on Josh and Derek, despite losing the 50 points opening night, was a close third. He brought that winning skein to the DAV and did it all over again.

            RJ Marcotte and Brendan Hammann faced off for the green, but one lap in, Matheson was collected in a contact and spin coming down the front stretch with the trio ending up against the wall at the starter’s tower.  Hammann took the most of the damage and had a long walk to the pits as they put his car on the hook.  Matheson pitted for repairs after losing his front fender assembly.  He and Marcotte were able to continue.

            Lap two restart had Reagan Parent and Nick Lascuola leading off and Parent nosed ahead into the lead.  Gluchacki ducked under Lascuola and took a look at Parent, dived in and secured the lead.  Lascuola grabbed second but Parent jumped in underneath him.  He stole second back from Lascuola who then saw Parsons duck underneath and steal third.  Gluchack already had a half-straightaway lead on the field.  Parent preceded Parsons, Lascuola, Derek Debbis and Matheson, who was nursing an injured thumb from the crash (the second time he has suffered the injury in a race accident.)

            Ten laps in, the order was still the same, but there was contact as Lascuola looked underneath Parsons, made contact and got sideways, forcing a caution.  Gluchacki and Parent lined up with Parsons and Debbis behind them.  Matheson and Marcotte followed.  Gluchacki took a nose on the green.  Parsons ducked under Parent in turn two and took second in turn four.  Debbis came up behind Parent, trailing Lascuola and then Matheson.

            Over the next few laps, the single-file had individual movement going on.  Parsons kept closing on Gluchacki and Debbis jumped onto Parent’s bumper as Lascuola, Matheson and Marcotte followed.  Fifteen laps in, Gluchacki held a two-car lead over Parsons.

            Four more laps and the order wass the same, but Parent (third), Debbis and Lascuola were running nose-to-tail.  Lascuola ducked under Debbis into fourth.  Parent put a two-car gap between them during the pass. Gluchacki had eight carlengths on Parsons.  Lascuola ran up to Parent’s tail with Debbis on his back.

            Lascuola ducked under Parent and Debbis followed him through, setting Reagan back to fifth.  Marcotte then spun on the front stretch for a lap 6 caution.  Gluchacki and Parsons lined up for the shootout to the finish.

            Derek shot ahead of Parsons.  Lascuola and Debbis got together and Debbis came up to the wall, refired and kept on going.  With four to go, Gluchacki led Parsons; Parent was again third, followed by Marcotte, Lascuola, Matheson and Debbis.  The field quickly stretched out single file and ran under the white silk in the same order.  It remained so to the checkers at race’s end.  The final analysis:  Gluchacki, the winner, followed by Parsons, Parent, Marcotte and Matheson.  Sixth went to Lascuola, followed by Debbis, Jonathan Deshaies and Brendan Hammann.