Mike Glad and John Lineberger fought a spirited battle for the win in Sport Fours, with the lead being swapped on lap14, sending Glad home with the win, but at race’s end, they were the only two cars to hold first and second. Their duel was so complete that none could enter into it, although Nick Mattera, Chris Pacheco, David Simpson, Dave Westgate and Jason Poitras were in hot pursuit. Points leader Mike Belanger was mired in traffic and confronting a wall of the above personalities throughout, focusing all the attention on the two leaders.

But Glad was able to drop under Lineberger on lap 14 and got a nose by going to the stripe into the next lap. He pulled ahead and commanded the front to the finish with Lineberger following closely. Glad was a half-second ahead of Lineberger at the line. Pacheco, Simpson and Mattera completed the top five.

As Lineberger broke away at the outset and Glad got by Arthur Meack IV, the field of familiar contenders stormed up to Meack’s bumper. Lineberger went to a two-car lead and Mattera went around Meack to third. Pacheco was fifth and Poitras sixth. Lap four saw Glad on Lineberger’s bumper while Simpson replaced Poitras behind Pacheco.

Lap six saw Lineberger with a two-car advantage. Pacheco displaced Meack from fourth and Simson got under him into fifth. The field circulated single file without changing position for two laps until Glad came unglued on lap nine. He made a huge save to hold his position and remain in pursuit of Lineberger.

But Lineberger now was three cars up. Mattera was five cars behind Glad and Pacheco was another ten lengths behind that.
With a dozen laps unwound, Lineberger was king of the hill over Glad, Mattera, Pacheco, Simpson, Westgate and Poitras. Belanger was looking for room to pass behind them. He glommed onto Poitras’ bumper and hung on.

Glad was on Lineberger’s bumper, now, and looked underneath on lap 14, made it stick and they dueled door-to-door. Glad got his nose out on lap15, then began moving away. Pacheco and then Simpson followed up by negotiating past Mattera into third and fourth.
That was on lap 15 and it established the finishing order for the entire field. Sixth went to Westgate, followed by Poitras, Belanger,Meack and Ray Hermand.