Nicholas Johnson and Billy Choinard went door-to-door for the final eight laps of the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown for Pure Stocks. It was a brawl that concluded with the crowd looking to the pylon for the winner after they battled under the checkers in a dead heat. The electrionics concluded that Johnson had his second win – second in as many races – by the miniscule margin of four thousandths of a second!
The final restart arose on lap 26, as leaders Randy Moretti and Mark Murphy tangled in turn one with Moretti going into a spin and Murphy joining him at the back on the assist. Chouinard took the pole, looking down eight laps to the finish, with Johnson on his shoulder. Chouinard grabbed the front, and Jamie Birch snugged up to his bumper, sticking Johnson on the outside. He elected to stay out there and whipsawed back and forth alongside Chouinard. Daniel Massa, Murphy and Dan Johnson went three-wide behind them, Nick was alongside Chouinard on lap 24 as they went wheel-to-wheel across the stripe. Birch clung to third as the pyrotechnics fired off in front of him. Murphy broke from the three-wide to challenge Birch.
Chouinard grabbed a nose on Nick in lap 26, but Johnson toiled back alongside by lap 28. Choinard was two feet up on Johnson under the white silk and through turns one and two. Johnson found some power down the back stretch and edged forward. He pulled even with Chouinard entering the final stretch and they drag-raced to the checkers with the crowd on its feet.
Murphy got by Birch for third, on the heels of the leaders and Mike Henriques nabbed fifth, two tenths of a second up on Massa.
Andrew Kun kicked off the race from the pole, going door-to-door with Randy Moretti. Massa was on Kun’s bumper and made some bumper checks in turn four. Ed Gould spun in turn four, creating chaos on the front stretch, with Amy Arsenault (in her backup car after her new ride) taking the bulk of the damage and had to be towed to the pits. Greg Perry was also eliminated in the wreckage.
Kun and Moretti lined up again with Massa and Murphy on their bumpers. Scott Cestodio and Choinard were row three. Kun and Moretti were briefly door-to-door, but Moretti grabbed the front into turn four. Murphy went outside Kun as Massa dived underneath. He went past Murphy as did Cestodio but Cestodio’s tire went down, stranding him in turn four. Front end damage from the earlier caution spelled a tow to the pits for the night.
Moretti and Massa lined up and Moretti was again away with Murphy on his bumper; Massa dropped in ahead of Birch. Moretti eased out to a one-car margin. Robidoux and Dan Johnson dueled over sixth, with Johnson grabbing the spot on lap 12. Murphy looked under Moretti but was denied. Birch got by Dan Johnson into fourth. Dave Derosiers moved into sixth behind Birch.
Moretti was two cars up on Murphy in lap 15, but there was battling in the pack and Melissa Charette looped at the stripe, bringing caution. Moretti was away at the front again, but Murphy battled him outside and Massa came in underneath to Moretti’s bumper. Contact with Murphy had Massa around to the infield, but he straightened up and continued. Moretti went out to a two-car lead as Nick Johnson got around Desrosiers for sixth. Dan Johnson looked around Chouinard for third, but Robidoux and Desrosiers got together as Desrosiers spun down onto Robidoux’ nose coming out of turn four. He did a 360-degree spin and continued, but Robidoux was assessed the black flag for the incident.
Into lap 22, Murphy was pressuring Moretti and spun him getting underneath, setting up Johnson and Chouinard for the finale.
Following Massa over the line were Ku n in seventh, Desrosiers, Moretti and Ed Gould.

Nick’s Pitstop Legends ran 30 laps, green to checkers. And Nick Lascuola remained perfect on the season with yet another win. But once again, as the field comes up to speed as the season progresses, Lascuola enjoyed more competition deeper into the race.
Again, Chris Robbins was chief of his challenges, and went quickly to the lead at the outset. He grabbed the lead from Brandon Martinez on lap 4 (after Martinez had taken the front from polesitter Jesse Jakubajtys on lap one. Brandon Packard ran third and Colin Healy fourth.
Lascuola, meanwhile, and began gobbling up the competition in two-car leaps each lap. Lap six saw him settle in behind Jesse Melberg, who was running third behind Martinez. It took Lascuola four laps to solve Melberg. Meanwhile, Robbins had gone out to a 6-car lead and was in lapped traffic.
Lascuola dropped below Melberg and headed forward as Dylan Izzo closed from behind. By lap 10, Robbins was leading Martinez who had Lascuola on his tail, Melberg and Izzo. Lap eleven saw Izzo around Mel berg as Lascuola went to second. Lascuola looked up to see Robbins running fifteen cars in the lead and began closing. In a lap, he had closed to Robbins’ bumper and began working around him rapidly into the lead. Lap 17 saw him pulling away, as Robbins’ car deserted him, slowing decidedly. The field took advantage, passing at will. By lap 18, Lascuola was settled comfortably into the lead as Martinez, then Izzo and Melberg pursued.
Izzo eased Martinez out of second on lap 21 and the field settled into line. TJ Thompson, holding fifth, received the black flag on lap 22 and Colin Haley took over. The field snaked around to the finish behind Lascuola as Izzo was unable to put an appreciable dent in the lead. Martinez and Melberg rounded out the top five and Packard, Andere Carpenter, Anthony Bagliarulo, Jakubajtys and Robbins competed the top ten. The race had run 25 laps without a caution.

Taylor Bowser came back into winning form as she dodged from a sixth place start to a big win, referting to her raucous style of running the third groove, creating three-wides all the way from her start to the lead. She earned the front between laps 14 and 16, getting past Joey Lembo and David White. She had the front coming out of turn four and then began putting distance between herself and her pusuers. Meanwhile, Shelby Donovan came up to challenge White for second, going to the outside. They went door-to-door in lap eighteen, with Donovan going to the front out of turn three.
Donovan had determined the finish with the pass and two laps later, the field crossed under the checkers with Bowser earning her third win on the season, followed by Donovan, White, Lembo and TJ Moreshead, Jr.
White and Shea Kulpa led off and were door-to-door crossing the stripe. But Kulpa was very wide in turn four and White took the lead. Lembo got under Kulpa as Bowser came three wide around Donovan and Matt Barboza into third. Kulpa was black-flagged on lap 3 and retired.
As Lembo pursued White, Donovan got under Bowser and Barboza followed. Donovan edged ahead on laps six and seven, but Bowser fired up and took it back. They hacksawed the lead, frequently banging sides together through turn four. Finally, Bowser was clear and went to the outside on Lembo for second on lap 13. She began edging past and alongside White.
They ran wheel-to-wheel at the stripe into lap 16, and Bowser secured the lead in turn four.
Brandon Lillie claimed sixth, followed by Kendra Levesque, Barboza and Kulpa.

Gil Bradstreet came quickly to the front from his starting position on the outside of the second row, getting past Henry Lavallee and Glen Leduc, then taking on Bob Henry for the lead. Once at the front, on lap four, he stubbornly refused to yield top spot, even to a charging Devin Miranda.
Miranda closed in on lap 14, dispatching Michael LeFort and then playing the angry bee at Bradstreet’s bumper. Miranda kept looking for a way underneath, but Bradstreet was able to deny the attempts and hold him off. They rushed under the checkers nose-to-tail, giving Bradstreet the trip to Victory Lane. David Westgate and Michael Glad followed, while on the final lap, Tyler Boudreau took the measure of last week’s winner, Lenny Sousa for fifth. Sousa got into a freight train and was shuttled back to tenth over the final lap.
Henry had hopped off the pole into the lead with Lavallee in pursuit from the outside. LeDuc moved Lavallee out of second before Bradstreet came marching through off a three wide with 91 and Westgate. Boudreau worked high and outside but fell back. Another three-wide in the swirling pack pipped up, involving Miranda, Westgate and LeDuc.
By lap 7, Bradstreet led LeFort, Glad and Henry, who was working below Westgate But on the following circuit, LeDuc spun in turn 4 and Lavlallee collided, losing both his bumpers in the process. Garret Kun went into the front stretch wall, getting his nose into the gap where the starters enter to access the stand. He backed out of the spot but came to a halt, ending his night.
Bradstreed was away on the restart, trailing LeFort, Henry and Glad.
Miranda had begun to move, and moved past Westgate and Lenny Sousa into fith, then went after Glad. Christine Cavallaro spun out of turn two, bringing a lap 14 restart. Bradstreet was again at the front and Miranda went under Lafort into second setting up the finish, five laps away.
Boudreau finished sixth, pursued by Tylar Nailor, 91, LeDuc and Chuck McDonald.

The seemingly unstoppable Derek Debbis was back in victory lane again after another hard run to the front. He charged from sixth to first in just three laps, shedding the competition along the way. He was past Anthony Marvin on the first lap, past Scott Serydynski and nosing Eric LeBrun on the second. A single-lap duel ensued with LeBrun and then the latter spun out of turn 3. The field managed to avoid Eric but Debbis was now outside the front row with Toner. While Marvin was black flagged for refusing to allow Tim Ouellette into his place in the restart, the field took the green with Debbis evading Toner and going to the front.
That was the last time Debbis would see a car ahead, save for lapped traffic. Back in the pack, Brittany Nichols and LeBrun eased Serydynski back from sixth. LeBrun then ran around Nichols as Oulllette followed and gave a look under Nichols. He then nosed in on lap eight and claimed the position in turn four on lap nine.
The following lap saw Luke LeBrun and Alexandria Lillie together in a turn one spin that collected Nichols. Both retired to the rear for the restart. The lap 10 restart saw Debbis with Toner on his shoulder and Eric LeBrun at his back.
Debbis was out of the box and away again as Oullette got under Toner and Serydynski ran beneath LeBrun. Oullette pulled away and began closing on Debbis, while Serydynski and Lebrun remained involved through lap 12 with Colin McMullen on their bumpers.
Nichols went into a spin in turn four of the fourteenth circuit. This brought a single file restart, with Debbis leading Ouellette, Toner, Eric LeBrun, Serydynski and McMullen. Debbis was away and had a 15-car lead by lap 15. Toner was nosing out as Eric Lebrun was under Ouellette.
With three to go, Debbis was cruising at the front as Toner was unable to close. Eric Lebrun was at his bumper followed by Oullette, Serydynski and Luke Lebrun.
The final three laps were a parade for the leaders, as they crossed in order. The final three cars on the field, McMullen, Nichols and Lillie tangled up and went spinning into turn one past the checkers.
Toner crossed second, followed by Eric LeBrun, Oullette and Scott Serydynski. Sixth through tenth went to Luke LeBrun, Melissa Morgan, Mc Mullen, Nichols and Lillie.