Tom Scully, Jr. was having a grand time at the front of the Pro Stock field. He’d jumped off the pole and had a grand battle with Radical Rick Martin. They ran nose-to-tail for the first fifteen laps of the race.. Kevin Casper ran third until Estrella roared up from fifth and displaced him on lap nine and turned his attentions to Martin.

Casper had just held off an outside move by Estrella’s Everett’s teammate Fred Astle, Jr. Dylan ducked under Fred on lap four while Dave Darling was outside Ryan Lineham behind them. Estrella completed the pass and set his sights on Casper.

After edging Casper out of third, Estrella put his attention on Martin who was pursuing Scully.

Mike Brightman had worked his way up behind Astle and was running sixth, ahead of Lineham and Darling. But Dave worked his way past Lineham onto Brightman’s bumper, took alook underneath and went through. Lineham pursued Brightman with Ryan Kuhn pursuing him. Darling began to close on Astle. By lap 18, he was at his bumper and dropped under on the next time around. He pushed ahead on lao 20.

Lap 21 saw Estrella catch Scully. Martin followed, ahead of Casper and Darling. Scully kept him at his back for the next four laps, but lap 26 saw Dylan looking underneath. But Lineham spun in turn two, bringing out a caution with 13 remaining.

Scully and Estrella came up to the line with Martin and Casper at their backs. Darling and Astle followed with Brightman and Ryan Vanasse in row four. Scully got his nose out front in turn two but Estrella came back on the next circuit and took the lead out of turn two. Scully settled into second ahead of Martin, Darling and Casper.

Lap 30 saw Darling duck under Martin into third after a bit of wheel-to-wheel. Scully and Estrella lay ahead with Dylan three lengths up on Scully. Darling set out after them with Scully eight lengths ahead. By lap 35, he had cut it to five. It was four cars on lap 37, but it was looking like time – and laps would run out. With the white flag out, he was at Scully’s bumper. As the old saying goes, you can catch someone but its another thing to get by them and with just one lap left, it’s a touch-and-go proposition.

They flew under the checkers with Estrella grabbing the win and Scully in second, ahead of Darling. Martin and Casper followed, completing the top five. Sixth went to Brightman, followed by Kuhn, Astle, Vanasse and Lineham to finish the top ten.