Dylan Estrella had clinched the season’s championship for Late Models the previous week, but still had something to show the fans as the regular season swung to a close. Estrella and Austin Blais engaged in some match racing as the division put on a pro display, going green-to-checkers on the evening. The unlimited action ran across the entire field.

Blais nosed away from the outside pole, stealing the lead from TJ Moreshead. Gerry DeGasparre, Jr. and Estrella kept pace from row two while Nick Johnson and Jeramee Lillie gave pursuit. Following two laps of wheel-to-wheel at the front, Blais nosed ahead of Moreshead down the front stretch. Estrella then went to second on Moreshead’s high side.

He was onto Blais’ tail on lap four, as George Kourafas suffered mechanical problems and retired to the pits.

As Estrella got all over Blais’ bumper, Moreshead and DeGasparre sparred over third until Nick Johnson pushed past Moreshead Two laps later, Mark Hudson did the same after getting under Lillie for position. Estrella went past to the lead but Blais heated up and fought back. Estrella kept edging forward on the high side but couldn’t seem to get the few inches he needed to drop in.

They engaged in a nose-to-tail pursuit which ran to the checkers and meanwhile DeGasparre had a new antagonist as Johnson edged Moreshead out of fourth. Hudson moved up on Johnson while Moreshead sniped on his bumper.

Lap ten saw Estrella go to Blais’ high side , edge past then drop into the lead in turn two. DeGasparre and Johnson continued to pursue Blais while Hudson worked on Moreshead and on lap eleven he went underneath to take away fifth. The field by now was stretched out and running a single file line. Lap fifteen saw the order: Estrella, Blais, DeGasparre, Johnson, Hudson and Moreshead. Following were visitor Ryan Morgan, Lillie, Charlie Rose, Jariah Roderick, Dan Johnson and Branden Dion working under Nick Uhrig. One lap later, Nick Jonson took a shot at DeGasparre’s outside. They battled for four laps before Johnson dropped back into line.

Estrella began to encounter lapped traffic on lap 26. Fred Bonalewicz, who had been limping on the outside for some time was now shown the black flag and he retired to the pits. The field, still running single file, continued to wind down the last few laps to the finish. The final position change came on lap 27, as Roderick edged Morgan out of eighth.

At the stripe, Estrella had another feature win to add to last week’s clinching the championship for the second year in a row. Blais was a half-second back, followed by Nick Johnson, then De Gasparre and Mark Hudson. Moreshead was sixth, followed by Lillie, Roderick, Morgan and Rose.