Devin Deshaies made it three out of four on the first month of Bandolero Bandits competition. Deshaies worked his way up from a fourth-place start into the lead on lap four. He edged initial pacesetter, Nikolas Frechette out of the lead, then looked in his mirror to see last week’s victor, Giovanni Ruggerio pulling in on his rear bumper as Frechette settled into third. The lead trio ran the remainder of the fifteen laps in order as the race wound its way from green to checkers without caution.

Frechette and Caron occupied the front row for the start with Ryan Arieta and Brayden Meservey in row two. Deshaies was on the low side of row three with Ruggerio on his shoulder. This set the stage as Frechette and Caron dueled door-to-door across the stripe as Arieta looked underneath but found the passage blocked. Deshaies was glued to his bumper as the field quickly went single file.

Deshaies battled his way past Arieta into third As Ruggerio came past Arieta as well. They then barged past Frechette and Caron into the top two spots, leaving the latter pair in third and fourth. Deshaies then edged out to a two-car lead. He then powered out to a 25-length margin as Ruggerio led the rest of the pack, still shadowed by Frechette, Caron and Arieta.

As the laps wound down, Ruggerio pulled away from the field and Frechette found himself leading a nose-to-trail express train which saw Caron on his tail, then Brayden Meserve, Arieta and Nathan Smith. Caron was all over Frechette’s back bumper but couldn’t find a way past. Meserve, Arieta and Smith remained poised for opportunities.

As the twin sticks came out for two laps to go, Deshaies was now leading by nearly a half-lap and Ruggerio continued to pour it on, midway between the leader and the chase pack. Deshaies crossed under the checkers with a whopping 5.974-second lead and Ruggerio ran home a long 4.291 seconds ahead of the field. For them, the finish was vivid as Caron stayed locked on to Frechette’s bumper until Meservey drove in underneath Caron with Arieta on his coattails to shuttle Caron back to sixth. Frechette grabbed third, followed by Meservey, Arieta, Caron, Smith and Collin Vanasse.