Dave Darling toiled up from an eleventh place start to take the lead on the Brad Scott Memorial 75-lapper on lap 47 after a fierce, seven-lap, wheel-to-wheel brawl with race leader Kevin Casper. Darling then went out to a 20-carlength lead before a lap-65 caution brought Casper back alongside for the restart. Darling went out to a five-length lead as the field strung out and ran unimpeded to the finish with Ryan Vanasse nabbing second. Division champ, Tom Scully, Jr. fought through for a well-earned third place, just ahead of Casper and Radical Rick Martin.

Kevin Folan and Bobby Pelland III kicked things off, but their door-to-door run was cut short as Kenny Spencer got sideways in turn three and fought for control across the infield, bringing out caution. He went back on track as Fred Astle, Jr. pitted for adjustments.

On the restart, they again went wheel-to-wheel with Pelland grabbing the lead. Dick Houlihan came in under Folan as Mike Brightman dropped into fourth. By lap five, Pelland had a two car lead. Brightman got under Houlihan for fourth as Pelland increased his gap to five cars, followed by Folan, Casper, Brightman, Scully, Martin and Vanasse. Casper and Brightman got past Folan on lap 9. Lap 10 saw the field stretched out. Scully began looking under Brightman but had the door slammed. He fell back and Vanasse sneaked in underneath.

By lap 16, Casper had worked his way to Pelland’s bumper as Martin nosed in under Brightman to steal third. He was followed by Vanasse and both worked past Brightman. Casper was looking under Pelland again but had the door slammed and received minor contact. Martin closed in and the three leaders were running nose-to-tail. The returning Angelo Belsito ran fourth with Darling having moved in under Vanasse for fifth.

Casper got under Pelland on lap 26 and took the lead. He build a five car lead by lap 28 as Pelland appeared to have problems and faded. Belsito moved into second with Darling on his bumper, followed by Scully, Vanasse and Pelland.
But there was contact in turn two between Scully and Pelland, who spun in turn two. Spencer, running at speed, had nowhere to go and was launched across the rear deck of Pelland’s car and high into the air, coming down hard and headed toward the wall. Spencer made a huge save to keep it off the barrier. Scully and Spencer (miraculously) were able to drive away. But Spencer retired to the pits along with several other cars, who made adjustments and repairs and returned to action.

Casper got away from Belsito on the restart and Darling ran in under the latter. Larry Gelinas began trailing copious quantities of smoke from his right front and headed for the pits. He did not return. Casper continued to lead as Darling had Vanasse on his shoulder and Belsito at his back. Scully was trying to get under Astle but was denied.

Darling began looking under Casper and backing out. He went to the outside on lap 39 but fell back. Vanasse looked under Darling but could not go there. Casper pulled ahead into the lead again, but Pelland went around at the end of the backstretch and retired tot he pits.

Casper and Darling went door-to-door for several laps as Vanasse kept looking underneath to create a three-wide. But Darling cranked itup and finally went to the front on lap 47. He was able to retain the lead until the lap 75 finale but with Casper in pursuit most of the way. But with ten laps remaining, caution flew for a Brightman spin, setting Darling and Casper side-by-side once again. Vanasse and Astle backed them up with Scully and Belsito in row three, just ahead of Martin and Houlihan.

Darling nosed ahead as Vanasse went under Casper into second. Scully escaped Belsito and went under Casper, who dropped into fourth. Darling went out to a five-car lead, trailing Vanasse, Scully and Casper as the field stretched out single file. Martin came up to challenge Belsito and succeeded in unseating him from fifth, then holding him off all the way to the stripe.

Belsito earned sixth, just ahead of Fred Astle. Houli followed, ahead of Brightman, Bob Hussey and Folan.