Dave Darling took his time making his way to the front, taking over the lead from Radical Rick Martin after lap 30, then drove on unmolested for the final 10 laps. Fred Astle got past Martin two laps after Darling and ran home second. The two point differential between the two gave Darling a 42-point lead in the divisional championships. Martin, after leading from lap five until lap 30, ran home third behind Astle, while Dylan Estrella and The Rocket – Ryan Vanasse – rounded out the top five.

It was a fast-run contest with only two cautions over the forty laps.

Tom Scully, Jr. jumped off the pole ahead of outside polesitter Kevin Casper and Martin got under Casper to chase Scully. Vanasse and Astle ran door-to-door. Vanasse got loose and rose up the track, taking Astle along with him.

Seven laps in, Martin pushed under Scully to take over the lead. Scully came loose and nosed down track, taking a bump from Casper. Scully, Ryan Lineham and Casper pitted.

Martin had Estrella on the outside for the restart on lap forty-one with Astle and Darling behind them. Martin grabbed the lead after some door-to-door with Estrella settling to second and Darling coming under Astle into third. Astle looked under to get his position back but Darling shut the door.

Fourteen laps in, Martin had Estrella on his bumper and the field was single file. Darling was six cars back. He ban closing slowly. Astle ran seven cars back with 12 laps down. Darling pushed in to four cars back of Estrella, taking it down to a four-car margin. By lap 28, he had cut that in half and with 21 remaining it was one length. He was on Estrella’s bumper by lap 30.

Things tightened up and Martin, Estrella and Darling ran nose-to-tail ahead of Astle, Scully Casper and Vanasse. Twice more around and Darling ducked under Estrella for a brief door-to-door before grabbing second. The leaders battled until Darling seized the front on lap 30.

The restart had Darling and Martin side-by-side with Martin and Astle in row two. Scully and Casper followed. Dave took the lead and Martin wound up outside Astle, who drove ahead into second as Casper came in behind Martin. Estrella rushed back up onto Martin’s bumper with Scully on his high side. Estrella grabbed fifth behind Casper as Vanasse got under Scully and the moved into fifth.

With eight to go, Darling had a ten-car lead on Astle, who had a long stretch on Martin, Casper, Estrella and Vanasse.

The final eight laps were a single-file high speed pursuit with the only change coming as Vanasse was able to nip Casper at the finish line to secure fifth.

Sixth went to Casper followed by Scully Lineham, Ted Urquhart and Dick Benoit.