It took three tries to get the mini-cups underway in their ten-lap feature, but finally they got rolling and Michael Cooper went to the front to stay while Ava Chouinard dogged his back bumper the entire distance.

Cooper came off the pole by nosing out on Chouinard on the start. They went wheel-to-wheel down the backstetch when Tommy Harris spun. First try on the restart, Hugh Bowser and Zachary Levesque wound up locked together. Second try had Harris and Zachary Levesque stuck together. Third try was a charm and Cooper again nosed ahead in turn two. Nikolas Fechette made contact with Chouinard and she fell back to second as Cooper headed for a four-car lead in lap four. Chouinard followed and Bowser came around from the back into third with Frechette fourth.

Choinard went to Cooper’s bumper and Bowser began to close up the three-car gap between nimself and Chouinard. The field had stretched out single file and was circling the track in order.

Bowser closed to Chouinard’s bumper as she continued to haunt Cooper’s tailgate.

However. The order remained unchanged all the way to the checkers and Cooper captured the win with Chouinard second, followed by Bowser.

Fourth went to Fechette and Zachary Levesque earned fifth with Harris on his tail.