Former champ Scott Cestodio shook off the rust of three years’ absence, climbed into Lenny Sousa’s number 31, then worked his way progressively through the pack from tenth place. Sousa is on vacation at the current time. By the time the race was over, the quick-running event had seen him realize his old skills and forge to the front.

The Outlaw – Danny Massa, Jr, – chased him across the line. Greg Perry, Joey Morrissette and Doug Benoit rounded out the top five.

Justin Menard grabbed the lead off the pole and Morrissette got under Nicholas Mignone looking for second. Behind them, Massa and Tommy Blackwell were wheel-to-wheel, while Benoit and Amy Arsenault were paired up behind them. Morrissette got away from Mignone and Massa Jumped into third. Benoit came all the way ;up to fourth while Perry and Arsenault debated, with Perry gaining the advantage. Third lap in and the field was running single file.

Five laps in and the top six were running nose-to-tail: Morrissette, Massa, Benoit, Perry, Cestodio and Menard. They ran this way until lap 7, when Ava Chouinard spun in turn two.

It was to be the only stoppage of action in the feature. Still, it took two tries to get them underway again.

On the successful restart, Massa got away from Morrissette after some wheel-to-wheel, Perry charged up to second and Cestodio started working his way past Joey on the low side. The new line, not riding quite as close as before was Massa, Perry, Cestodio, Morrissette, Benoit and Menard. The field again was soon running single file. Max Bergstrom took a look under Menard but couldn’t get by.

Cestodio was working over Perry’s bumper with great impatience. Morrissette watched with great interest. Cestodio completed the pass in turn four and there were a dozen laps to go.

Scott went after The Outlaw with a vengeance. With eight to go, Massa was seven cars to the good and coming into lapped traffice. One lap later, Cestodio was just one length off the pace and another time around and he was on his bumper. Perry, Morrissette and Benoit.

With five to go, Cestodio was nosing under Massa and they went side-by-side down the backstretch. He captured the lead coming out of turn four. Massa dropped into second, then, ahead of Perry.

Cestodio began to pull away – two cars with three laps remaining, then three. It remained the same under the white flag and to the finish.

Sixth went to Marissa Morgan, while Max Bergstrom, Menard, Chouinard and Blackwell completed the top ten. Arsenault was just off the pace in eleventh.