Scott Cestodio filled in for a vacationing Lenny Sousa a week ago, showing he had not lost any of the skills that had made him Pure Stock champ a couple weeks back. Sousa used his vacation to buy the Sport Truck of Andrew Kun and Cestodio found himself grabbing his second consecutive win in Lenny’s car. Cestodio’s labors were extended with a tenth-place start, brought on by last week’s win. The handicapping was not enough to keep him out of Victory Lane this time around.

Justin Menard and Max Bergstrom came off the front row and Menard started to pull ahead but Amy Arsenault spun at the end of the front stretch and pitted for repairs. It brought a full race restart and this time Menard did take the lead in turn one with Bergstrom grabbing second. Danny Massa and Ava Chouinard ran side-by-side. Massa pulled ahead and Greg Perry came up on Ava’s high side. Menard rocketed away at the front.

Going into lap two, he was ten cars up on Bergstrom who was contending with Massa. Morrissette had take over fourth, followed by Chouinard. Four laps in and Massa replaced Bergstrom in second and Perry was now fourth behind Chouinard. But Morrissette came forward under Bergstrom to steal third.

Massa was paring down Menard’s lead, and had it down to seven cars on lap five. Perry was running third but now Cestodio came past Morrissette into fourth and began closing on lap nine. At the front, Menard, Massa and Chouinard were running nose-to-tail just as Bergstrom spun between turns one and two. Marissa Morgan was able to dodge Max by a narrow margin. Unfortunately, Morgan was called for the assist on Bergstrom and joined him at the rear.

Menard Massa and Chouinard connected on the restart and spun in turn two. This reset the field for another restart and Massa lined up on the pole with Cestodio on his shoulder. Morrissette looked underneath as Massa pulled away. Cestodio went to second and Chouinard went to Morrissette’s high side.

Lap ten saw Massa leading Cestodio and they made contact in turn four but saved it. Cestodio was loose on the next lap, but pulled it back together. Morrissette ran third, followed by Chouinard and Cliff Avila. Avila looked underneath and went.

A dozen laps remained and Massa was still being pursued by Cestodio. Morrissette was eight cars back with Avila and Chouinard on his bumper. Doug Benoit was now fifth.

With ten to go, Cestodio nosed in under The Outlaw for the lead, and they brawled for supremacy. It continued for two laps until Cestodio was finally able to get his nose by on the backstretch then fully ahead in turn three. Massa dropped onto his bumper. Avila continued in third, shadowed by Morrissette, Chouinard and Benoit.

The leaders had to negotiate lapped traffic with five to go. But Cestodio and Massa were nursing a straightaway worth of lead. Cestodio was generating his own gap, and was four up on Massa with three to go. The order remained the same over the final three circuits until Cestodio flashed under the checkered flag, three cars up on Massa in second. Avila finished third, but tech inspectors discovered a glitch post-race and Morriseet was elevated to third. Chouinard and Benoit rounded out the top five. Sixth went to Arsenault, followed by Morgan, Perry, Menard, Bergstrom and Nicholas Mignone.