by Dana Rowe

Mike Cavallaro beat Connor Souza off the line to take the lead of the Sport Trucks feature then never surrendered the lead between the green and the checkers. It was his first win of the 2019 season and. The win edges him to within six points of Andrew Kun, who stands third in points in the division.

Cavallaro broke out of what has been a middling season for him thus far into a brilliant run at the front. Ed Perry broke past Souza into second on lap eight and relentlessly pursued Cavallaro for the rest of the distance, including a side-by-side restart on lap 15, but Cavallaro was undeterred. Darryl Dutch claimed third but saw it wrested from him by tech inspectors and third went to last week’s winner, Barry Shaw. It had been Darryl’s best finish to date. Adam Giacomozzi stepped into the 22 truck to score fourth while Richie Murray grabbed fifth.

Perry dueled Souza, helping Cavallaro drive away. They went at it over the first eight laps and the rookie stood up to the veteran for the distance. Over that time, Brittany Campbell was solidfying her hold on fifth, behind Dutch.

Ten laps in and Cavallaro was cruising ten cars to the good over Perry. Dutch was in third, just ahead of Souza, who led Campbell then Kun and Lenny Guy. Next time bye, Kun slipped under Campbell and another lap saw Shaw slide past. Giacomozzi and then Murray slid under Guy, headed for the top five.

Twelve laps in and Cavallaro had pushed his lead out to 12 cars but Perry stayed firm in pursuit as did Dutch, Kun, and Shaw.

But with ten to go, Mikey Cooper was having looseness problems and got sideways in turn one, collecting Nick Testone III, sending Cooper spinning.

Cavallaro took a nose on Perry crossing the stripe on the restart. He grabbed the front in turn one and Perry then looked underneath but Cavallaro defended. Dutch and Kun were wheel-to-wheel over third and Shaw poised to take advantage on their heels. Dutch won the position.

Cavallaro’s lead did not rematerialize and Perry fixed himself on Mike’s bumper. Shaw, meanwhile, was leveraging past Kun and as he pulled away, Giacomozzi zapped in underneath. Cavallaro now generated a four-car lead over Perry.

The field strung out single file behind them and they rocketed toward the finish. On the white flag lap, Elias Dib and Testone got together between turns one and two and spun but the race finished on that note, without caution.

Sixth on the event went to Murray, followed by Kun, Campbell, Souza, Mike Duarte and Guy.