Kevin Casper started third but was by polesitter Daryl Stampfl and outside pole Austin Blais by the time they rolled into lap two. Stampfl and Blais had made contact, Blais drifted up and Casper seized the moment. Mighty Mike Brightman followed him into second and Stampfl dropped to third with Angleo Belsito on his bumper. Radical Rick Martin and Tom Scully gave chase.

Martin left some space underneath which was quickly filled by Scully. They battled down the backstretch, but Scully grabbed the position on lap five.

After another lap, Scully looked under Belsito, who pushed harder and pulled ahead but drifted up. Scullly was coming and as Belsito dropped, he caught the leading edge of Tom’s nose and the latter spun in turn four.

Casper and Brightman came out of the starting box dead even and they ran side-by-side down the front stretch, then down the back. Brightman nosed ahead in turn three but Casper came back and they continued the duel. During the confrontation, Fred Astle, Jr. pushed past Scully and Stampfl into third.

Astle’s Everett’s teammate Dylan Estrella came up into sixth and had restarted alongside him. Astle went under Brightman after the restart to duel for second. As Brightman fell back, Estrella went underneath as “The Rocket” Ryan Vanasse moved in behind.

Casper had a two-car lead on Astle, and it was another four back to Estrella, Brightman and Vanasse. Dave Darling and Rick Martin were now in the picture behind Vanasse.

Estrella began closing the gap over the next few laps. And Casper bore down, edging out to a four-car lead on Astle as Estrella closed in to five carlengths. Brightman was now another ten cars back.

Lap nineteen saw Estrella arrive at Astle’s bumper and begin to look underneath. Astle denied the move. Casper was seven cars ahead and Estrella ducked under with nineteen circuits remaining. “ The field was now stretched out and running single file with little if any passing going on.

Lap 22 saw Estrella take over second and he began to close the gap to Casper. Brightman began to put a bit more space between himself and Vanasse. Behind them, Martin was on Darling’s bumper, followed by Scully and Blais.

Twenty-eight laps in and Casper’s lead over Estrella was down to three cars. Astle was ten back and Brightman as another ten. Vanasse was staying close. The order remained static over the next three laps until the field overtook Billy Joerres and lapped him.

Estrella was no longer overtaking and things stayed much the same until lap 37, when Darling suddenly spun in turn one. Martin was called on the assist. This laid the path for a three-lap shootout. On the first attempt to restart, the field faltered and at the back Darling and “Skipper” Bob Hussey came together while still inside the starting box due to the accordion effect. Hussey’s nose was broken and flapping. He went to the pits and returned with it taped back in place.

Second try and the field was away, but it was a single circuit before Belsito found himself around in turn two.

Now it was a green, white, checkered restart. Estrella got his nose a head of Casper, who came back and they were side-by-side. Casper got a nose ahead and they went into the white flag lap, where Casper broke ahead of Estrella on the backstretch. They rushed around to the Checkers with Casper grabbing the win and Estrella second. Astle, Vanasse and Brightman rounded out the top five.

Scully was in for sixth and completing the top ten were Blais, Darling, Dick Benoit and Stampfl.