Casey Call arrived in the lead of the Legends feature on lap six; Josh Parsons grabbed second on lap seven. For the remainder of the 25-lapper, the duo threw everything they had at each other enroute to a nose-to-tail finish that found Call the winner of the opening night laurels. Peter Nowak had run. Kevin Nowak had led laps 2 through six and was very fast with his sedan model, but was caught up in run third since lap seven with Peter Bennett on his heels, but an accident with five laps to go that put him against the frontstretch wall just past the stripe and ended his night. Peter Bennett leapt into his third place to harry the leaders to the finish line. Fourth went to Brendan Hammann who had climbed up from 21st after an opening-lap accident had relegated him to the rear. Rounding out the top five was Matthew Carpenter.

It took three attempts to get the race out of ground zero. First shot saw Ben Amado and Parsons together and pitting for repairs – Hammann needing only a push start to get to the pits but Amado suffering enough damage that he did not return.

A second shot at getting underway fell as Jacob Burns went around on the back stretch and Brandon “Batman” Martinez taking a 360 as well. (All three members of the Martinez clan are now back following a year off – Brandon, Shileigh and Zack. And all three are represented in Legends.)

Third try’s the charm and Nowack dropped under Burns into second then took Connor Souza out of the lead. Parsons followed him to second, then Call roared up to displace them both and take over the lead going into lap 7. They made up a three-car break, pulling away from Bennett and Matt Grant. The leaders got into a three-wide over leadership just before Souza took a turn three spin.

Nowak and Parsons lined up with Call and Bennet at their backs. Nowak got the jump but Parsons battled back for some door-to-door. Call went to Nowak’s bumper as Parsons edged back alongside Bennett. Call then got underneath Nowak and went to the front. Parson’s ducked underneath looking for second but Nowak pushed back into second. But Parsons persisted and this time went to second. He jumped onto calls bumper and the two roared off in a two-car breakaway. Nowak continued in third, followed by Bennett.
The field spread out, running single file and places remaining the same among the frontrunners. As they got into lapped traffic on the 13th circuit, Call managed to put three cars between himself and Parsons. Nowak was third, 20 cars behind Parsons.

The leaders came up to lapped traffic and in the mix, Parsons drove under Call and into the lead, but caution flew on that lap as Shileigh Martinez was forced to dodge an accident. The aftershocks included Nowak’s meeting with the frontstretch wall and he began to lose fluid down the frontstretch banking. The field was red-flagged to facilitate the removal of broken vehicles.

Call and Parsons were door-to-door again with Bennett and Matt Carpenter behind them. Jordan Churchill was joined by Hammann, who had worked his way back into contention after his early spin. Shieleigh and Brandon were followed by John O’Sullivan and Burns.
Five laps remained as Call nosed ahead and Parsons dropped in. Bennett ran along under Carpenter. Parsons intended his drop-in to take a shot under the leader, but Call shut the door down low. Parsons locked onto his bumper. Bennett grabbed third solo and Hammann came in under Carpenter to fourth. Batman pulled alongside Hammann to challenge for position.

Carpenter got under Martinez, who dropped into sixth behind him and Shileigh took seventh.

At the finish, Call and Parsons finished in a fight, bumper-to-bumper as they had spent most of the race.

Eighth place fell to Jordan Churchill, followed by Connor Holderbach, Andrew Carpenter, Burns, O’Sullivan and Mason Tessier.