Legends were a wild and woolly contest as the 30-lap feature was slowed to a crawl by 13 restarts. It took Casey Call 55 minutes and 42 seconds to go from the green to the checkers, counting all the time spent cleaning up and restaging from the various accidents on track.

In the end of it all, Casey held off Josh Parsons and Brendan Hammann to the finish line for the win. Parsons had been chasing Peter Bennett for the championship, but Bennett finished in the top ten and Parsons did not collect enough points to make up the distance in the points spread. Bennett had not taken a win on the season; instead he ground out an incredibly consistent year of high-end finishes, collecting points all the way. This evening, despite going to the back from an early caution, he came back to finish tenth and squelch any chances of being overtaken.

Jacob Burns and Paul Newcomb fired the first shot with Burns leaping to the front out of the box. Connor Souza ducked under into third as Newcomb got very wide while Matt Carpenter, Mason Tessier and Brandon “Batman” Martinez went three wide just inside the top ten.

Newcomb settled to third ahead of Devin Deshaies and Carpenter who had Shileigh Martinez on his bumper. By the time the first caution flew, five laps in, Shileigh had climbed into fifth behind Carpenter while Deshaies fell back to eighth, behind Hammann.

The lap 5 restart was followed by a lap 6 restart, then lap seven, and eight (twice). Finally, Burns was away, clean running door-to-door with Shileigh. Hammann came up to challenge and eased her out of second as Burns generated a one-length lead. Call was on his way up from an fourteenth-place start and eased Shileigh back to fourth. He then got by Hammann on lap 11 and challenged Burns for the front. But Carpenter spun in turn two.

Burns and Call went wheel-to-wheel into turn three before Call could gain the advantage in turn four. Burns stayed at his back and Hammann got on Burns’ bumper with Parsons giving chase, just ahead of Shileigh.

Parsons began looking for a way under Hammann as Call gained a five-car lead, just before Zachary Martinez spun in turn three. It took two tries to gain a restart, but finally Call was away and Hammann was second. Batman roared up to steal second while Burns fell to fourth behind Parsons before Nick Morabito spun in turn three.

That reset  Call and Hamman with eleven laps to go took three attempts before they were away cleanly. Call escaped from Hamman and Parsons looked underneath as he went for some side-by-side with Hammann. Parsons took second and Brandon Martinez and Mason Tessier moved in on Hammann. But two laps after the restart, Rene Marcotte brought the caution with a spin. They managed two more laps on the restart and Newcomb spun in turn four.

This brought a restart with seven to go. Call lined up with Hammann; Parsons and Batman filled row two, ahead of Tessier and Ryan Doucette. Bennett, having worked his way through the field was now on the radar at eleventh. At this point, he had enough to secure the championship, but Parsons could still move up two slots. Nothing was assured.

Call jumped ahead once again and Parsons got under Hammann before he could drop in. Tessier ran under as well as Parsons secured second. Bennette had dropped to spots on the restart, but was working his way back up. He got in behind Connor Souza for three laps as the leaders ran single file at the front: Call in the lead, followed by Parsons, Hammann, Brandon Martinez, Tessier and Connor Holderbach.

The leaders held position over the closing laps, parading under the checkers in order. Bennett firmed up his position over the final two, passing Joey Ternullo with two to go, then Connor Souza on the final circuit to put himself in the top ten.

Call took the win, followed by Parsons, Hammann, Brandon Martinez and Mason Tessier filling to top five. Sixth was Holderbach, followed by Doucette, Carpenter and Shileigh Martinez, while Bennett completed the top ten and won the division championship.