All admission tickets will be delivered via email:

This provides fans the flexibility to display tickets on their mobile devices for non-contact entry at the gates or the ability to print tickets at home from a computer and printer.

Tickets will be available to download and/or print within 2 to 3 weeks of your event. 

Below are instructions for accessing your tickets through your mobile device and computer. Please familiarize yourself with these instructions to have your tickets available on your mobile device or print them out prior to your arrival to be ready before race day.


  • Go to the speedway website click on BUY TICKETS.
  • If this is your first online ticket purchase, click on “register now” button and create account. If you pass by this it will flag you again to complete.   
  • Click “Purchase Race Day Tickets” under Let’s Go Racing!
  • Click event you want to go too and then click “Buy Tickets”
  • Use arrows to add the number of tickets for Adults and/or Children.
  • Click “Add Tickets to Shopping Chart” when ready to proceed with sale.
  • Shopping cart will be shown for your review. Click “Check out” when ready.
  • Next screen will ask you to agree to rules & regulations by checking the box and then click “Pay with credit card” 
  • Next click “YES process my payment”
  • Next fill in credit card information.
  • Next you may print your receipt and tickets at home. If using your phone just click print tickets and it will forward E-tickets to your device.
  • An email you be sent to you from
  • Tickets will be in this email and saved in your account when you sign back in to “Buy Tickets” to the right it will show tickets you have on hold. Click this when your ready to show tickets to gate attendant.
  • Tickets will show in PDF file on computers and E-tickets on mobile devices. 
  • PDF files must be printed to give to gate attendant, E-tickets can be shown at gate.