Smilin’ Reese Bogue powered his way to his third win of the season- and second consecutive trip to Victory Lane, outrunning Rob Murphy, Jr., Ryan Vanasse, Jr. and Brandon LaBelle. Reese came out of his car with the trademark grin which earned him the nickname while he was racing at a North Carolina go-kart track. It was a smile-worthy performance as he pressed past pole sitter Murphy going into lap four, then led the rest of the fifteen circuits with Murphy in hot pursuit. Murph snared second and Vanasse, after many valiant attempts to get around settled into third. LeBelle and Collin Vanasse rounded out the top five.

Murphy and Adam Harrison came off the front row at the green and Harrison put on a burst to push his nose out on Murphy’s high side, but the two tangled going into turn two. LeBelle was at Harrison’s back when the spin occurred and he couldn’t help piling in. Joel Newcomb spun to avoid the trio. Murphy and LeBelle were able to return to racing, but Harrison was headed pit side on the hook.

The full-race restart came minus Harrison, elevating Collin Vanasse to the outside pole. Reese sat outside Ryan Vanasse in row two, while Zacharias Kelley and Brent Robidoux were in row three. Murphy grabbed the lead and Bogue got in under Collin to challenge for second, while Ryan pursued him. Bogue got under Collin and Ryan fastened onto the latter’s bumper. LaBell had come from the back and now was on Ryan’s bumper. Brogue began to close on Murphy, who was running in the clear air at the front and was two car lenths behind.

He decided to go to Murphy’s outside and they ran door-to-door down the backstretch with Collin and Ryan dueling behind them. Ryan secured third in turn four and LeBelle ducked under Collin coming over the stripe. He was able to acquire fourth going down the back. With seven remaining, the order was now Bogue, Murphy, Ryan Vanasse, LeBelle and Joel Newcomb.

Bogue continued to pull away and next time around was leading by a half-straightaway. Murphy was holding off Ryan who was emptying his bag of tricks to get by. Three more laps and Bogue’s lead was now the length of the straight.

Ryan was becoming more intent; at the same time, LeBelle and Collin were moving in and challenging him. With three to go, he looked under Murphy again and had the door slammed in his face. Now it was nose-to-tail between Murphy, Ryan and LeBelle. Ryan took another look underneath, but Murphy found a little more speed and pulled away on lap 13.

Two remained, and Bogue sailed on at the front of the field and the trailing group battled for the runner up spot. The brawl continued throughout the white flag lap, but ended in the order they were running: Bogue by himself, then quickly Murphy-Ryan Vanasse-LeBelle and then Collin.

Sixth went to Newcomb, then Zacarias Kelley, Brent Robidoux, Colin Floyd with Harrison in the pits since the wreck, covering the tenth spot on the field.