2018 Pure Stock champ Doug Benoit edged in closer to division leaders Greg Perry and Danny Massa, Jr. with his third win of the season. It was just two points with Perry, who finished second, but Massa’s sixth gave Benoit 12 catch-up points and the division looks like it might go down to the wire.

Benoit made his way past Max Bergstrom on lap eleven then held him off through lap 20, when Perry edged him back to third. Bergstrom finished there, but ran afoul of tech inspectors, elevating Ava Chouinard to third. Cliff Avila and Scott Cestodio rounded out the top five on the evening.

Bergstrom was outside Justin Menard at the start and they battled it out, with Menard getting the edge in turn two. Marissa Morgan and Chouinard were side-by-side for third. Bergstrom looked underneath but was denied and Menard took a half-car lead in lap three. Benoit was up from a seventh-place start into fifth behind Chouinard. Joey Morrissette took a look under Benoit, but couldn’t go there.

Six laps in and Perry was on his way up, appearing behind Morrissette as Chouinard and Benoit got past Morgan. Bergstrom got past Menard and Chouinard looked under neath for second. Perry was on Morgan’s outside as Benoit followed Chouinard under Menard. Ten laps in, it was Bergstrom leading with digging under Chouinard into second. Perry had fourth and Menard ran fifth.

Morrissette suddenly took a spin right in front of Cestodio, bringing caution. Bergstrom lined up with Benoit and Chouinard was joined in row two by Perrty.

Benoit got a nose ahead on the outside which he carried through turn two, then converted it to a full lead the next time over the stripe. Chouinard, Perry and Menard pursued. Ava went to the outside to past but then fell back and Perry got underneath. With ten to go, Benoit now had eight cars on Bergstrom, Perry had third with Chouinard giving chase. Cliff Avila had come up to fifth. Avila then went around Ava and Cestodio came up on her back.

Cestodio got by onto Avila’s bumper. Perry now went to Bergstrom’s high side, with five laps remaining. Bergstrom had closeCd up and was looking for any possible way to get past Benoit as Perry looked for a path to take second from him. Likewise with Avila and Cestodio as they began trading paint, got each other loose and had to make huge saves to keep from going around.

At the checkers, Benoit took the win over Perry by three tenths of a second. Chouniard had third.

Sixth on the event went to Cestodio with Massa just off his pace in seventh. Rounding out the top ten came Menard, Morgan and Amy Arsenault. Mike Henriques and Morrissette were just off the pace in eleventh and twelfth.