Doug Benoit worked his way from twelfth to first over the first two-thirds of a thirty lapper, then spent the final eight laps holding off the ever-present Greg Perry. Benoit claimed his second consecutive win on the season. Perry finished second and Ava Chouinard, who had led in the early stages, claimed third. Lenny Sousa and the Outlaw – Danny Massa, Jr. — rounded out the top five.

Chouinard started on the pole with Joey Morrissette on the outside. She pulled ahead on the green and Tommy Blackwell slid in under Morrissette from the second row. Then came Perry with Max Bergstrom on the outside. Over the next couple laps, Blackwell kept looking below Chouinard until she was able to grab a one-car lead on lap four. Perry was working under Morrissette for third, followed by Amy Arsenault. Massa and Mike Henriques ran wheel-to-wheel behind her.

Blackwell ran up to her bumper again.

Benoit had climbed to ninth behind Bergstrom and followed him until lap eight, when they ran sixth and seventh. He now divorced himself from Max and took over sixth behind Massa. Massa got Past Arsenault and Benoit followed, finally edging Amy out of fourth on lap ten. Benoit now engaged Massa to move past him on the next circuit.

At the same point, Perry was able to get by Blackwell into second, Missy Charette spun to the grass in turn one to bring out a lap 12 restart. It took two attempts as Arsenault spun to the infield on the first try, collecting Marissa Morgan. On the next try, Chouinard nosed out on Blackwell and Perry charged in underneath. Benoit was under Massa, followed by Henriques and Morrissette. Ava moved out to a one-car lead on Perry. Benoit was fourth, behind Blackwell.

At the midpoint of the race, Chouinard led by one carlength over Perry and Benoit. Perry closed it up just as Ed Gould spun in turn four. This lined up Chouinard and Perry for the restart. Benoit was low in row two, under The Outlaw. Chouinard nosed out and Perry dropped onto her bumper. He then rushed back up on her outside and they ran side-by-side down the backstretch. She pushed ahead once more, but could not clear and he pulled back alongside. Blackwell, Henriques and Benoit were poised behind them.

Benoit pushed past Massa and then Blackwell as they jousted at the front. When Chouinard again succeeded at holding the front, he dropped under Perry for a shot at second. He went through and with eleven laps remaining, dived under Chouinard. Perry grabbed his bumper as he went. Benoit grabbed the lead on the backstretch and Perry went to second. Chouinard dropped into third ahead of Henriques, who now had Lenny Sousa on his back.

Perry was all over Benoit’s bumper, but Doug put some distance between them on lap 23. Perry charged back up to his bumper as they dived into some lapped traffic. They drove under it just before Bergstrom and Morrissette spun to the grass in turn four.

Four laps remained as Benoit pulled away from Perry on the restart. Morgan spun but was able to keep going. Charette continued in third. Benoit put a half-car on Perry for insurance and under the white flag it was Sousa settling in behind Chouinard with Massa in pursuit and Henriques on his shoulder.

Benoit dashed under the checkers a half-second up on Perry got collect his two-fer win. Sixth went to Henriques, followed by Blackwell, Morrissette, Arsenault, Bergstrom and Morgan.