Pure Stock’s 2018 champ, Doug Benoit held off Mike Henriques over the closing laps of the feature to haul down his first win on the 2019 season. However, Benoit who grabbed the lead from Joey Morrissette on lap four, spent most of the race fending off Greg Perry, who clambered past Morrissette into the runner-up spot on lap six. The Outlaw, Danny Massa looked to repeat last week’s feature win and clambered past Morrissette into fourth, but Perry and Henriques spent their time blockading him at the same time that they sought to take down Benoit. This was your top five on the evening – Benoit, Henriques, Perry, Massa and Morrissette.

Polesitter Morrissette had Tommy Blackwell on his high side as they came down to the green flag. Benoit lurked on his rear bumper and Perry sat behind Benoit. Henriques was pushing up behind Perry, to set the stage for the ensuing drama. Benoit nosed out on Morrissette, who suddenly found himself on that great freight train going backwards as all challengers had the low groove and were running nose-to-tail, As Joey pulled away from Blackwell, Benoit shot underneath the latter. Perry and then Henriques pursued with Massa and Ava Chouinard side-by-side behind them.

Benoit looked in under Morrissette and they ran door-to-door for a lap-and-a-half until Benoit went ahead going into lap four. Perry followed and then Henriques. Blackwell was next, while at the front, Benoit, Perry and Henriques were running nose-to-tail. Massa got under Morrissette and they battled it out for two laps before Massa secured fifth behind Blackwell.

Eight laps down and Benoit had a two car lead, while Perry and Henriques worked each other over behind him. Next time around, Massa got clear and Morrissette was finally able to drop into the low groove. Perry now had closed on the leader and was all over his bumper, while Henriques filled his mirror. A turn four spin by Marissa Morgan brought caution on lap 11.

It took two tries to get going again, but Benoit then pulled away and Henriques zipped in under Perry and they battled over second. Blackwell, Massa and Morrissette followed with Amy Arsenault and Lenny Souza in pursuit. Perry pushed ahead and dropped onto Benoit’s bumper. They ran nose-to-tail until Nicholas Mignone brought another caution with a spinout.

Benoit pulled away; Perry and Henriques dueled and Perry again dropped into second. Massa was fourth behind Henriques and Sousa dug in under Blackwell. The lead four of Benoit, Perry, Henriques and Massa were now nose-to-tail. Perry gave Benoit a bump and the group continued while Blackwell and Morrissette dueled for position.

With two laps remaining, Mignone spun again and brought out a green-white-checkered restart. Benoit grabbed the lead again, right out of the starting box. Henriques slipped in under Perry, who got very wide and Massa tried underneath. They charged down to the finish with Benoit leading the way and Henriques all over his back. Perry was able to nose ahead and squeeze into third crossing the stripe, relegating The Outlaw to fourth.

On the white flag lap, Morrissette was able to edge out Blackwell and the latter claimed sixth, followed by Sousa, Arsenault, Morgan and Emily Brightman.