Peter Bennett grabbed the win in a sloppy Legends race which saw eight cautions and finally suffered a red-checkered ending. Only 13 of the 25 laps had been completed. The field had been delayed by so many cautions that the final two restarts ran single file and they had been warned on the second incidence that the next caution would end the race. Leader RJ Marcotte broke his tires loose coming out of the starting box and spun all the way down the front stretch to bring out the red and checkered flags, ending the race. Bennett became the leader and was awarded the win. Brandon Martinez grabbed second, while Derek Gluchacki was third. Ryan Doucette and Brendan Hammann rounded out the top five.

The first caution came after one lap had been completed, and it took three tries to resume the race.

Marcotte, the polesitter, nosed into the lead over Andrew Carpenter and Mason Tessier ducked underneath into second. Brendan Hammann joined him and they grabbed the front in lap two, but Isaiah Newcomb spun on the backstretch to bring the first caution. On the first try for the restart, Bennett got sideways going into turn one and Dennis Pantani spun into the grass to avoid. On the second try, contact between Tessier and Hammann sent the latter spinning, and bringing up a third attempt to restart lap two. Rj and Rene Marcotte in RJ’s backup car made up the front row for the third try. Connor Souza and Ryan Doucette backed them up. Matthew and Andrew Carpenter were row three. RJ pulled away and Souza pushed ahead to get under Rene. But Matthew and Souza tangled coming out of turn one on the following lap, sending Matthew pitside for the night. This set up the fourth restart in two laps.

This time, Marcotte was away to the lead again. Derek Gluchacki dropped to the groove from outside the second row and looked under RJ to begin a three-wide but dropped back. Doucette ducked under Rene. But Josh Parsons tangled with Newcomb, sending the latter pitside for the remainder of the feature.

` This time, the restart got the field into lap six before Jacob Burns spun in turn one. The restart now had RJ with Doucette on his shoulder. Gluchacki and Andrew Carpenter were behind them, just ahead of Devin Deshaies and Bennett. Zachary Martinez was joined in row four by Tessier and Brandon Martinez shared row five with Hammann. The restart saw RJ away and Gluchacki rushed up to look underneath but was denied. He edged into second with Doucette on his high side as Bennett returned from the rear of the field to latch onto Gluchacki’s bumper.

RJ drove out to an eight-car lead as Bennett pried his way underneath Gluchacki and Doucette to make it three-wide coming across the strip just as Don Parsons spun in turn four.

This brought up the first single-file restart. RJ held the lead over Gluchacki and then generated a four-car lead. Bennett was on Gluchacki’s bumper behind Marcotte. Gluchacki could not hold the car to the low groove and Bennett slid underneath and into second. Brandon Martinez then slid underneath into third.

Fluid on the track caused another caution as two cars spun and the red flag flew for an extensive cleanup before resumption of racing. This led to the announcement that this would be the final restart and the next caution would end the race.

RJ, Bennett and Martinez/Gluchacki lined up. As the green fell, Marcotte spun his tires coming out of the starting box and spun down the front stretch to end the feature and award the win to Bennett.

Sixth went to Deshaies, followed by Tessier, Andrew Carpenter, Parsons, Zachary Martinez, Rene Marcotte, Tom Searles and Don Parsons.