Brandon “Batman” Martinez grabbed the lead of the Legends feature halfway through the event, easing Jesse “The Mop” Jakubajtys out of the lead he had taken from Brandon Hammann two laps earlier. Martinez then headed for the finish line as Richie Davidowitz edged past The Mop into second and Points leader Joe Marfeo came up to steal fourth from Mason Levesque. Shileigh Martinez then hustled up to grab fifth with four laps to go and the top five wound around to finish in order.

It wasn’t an easy time when Batman forged into the lead: The Legends suffered a racing drought in the shape of three cautions on lap 12 followed by three more cautions on lap 13, which marred the feature and sent Casey Call, Chris Robbins and Joshua Parson to the pits for the balance of the event. And, when Adam Avedisian went around on lap 19, Race Control elected to go to a single-file restart to stem the tide of interruptions in racing.

Still, when Scott Serydynski, Jr. spun on lap 23, it took two more tries to get things moving again.

In the early going, two tries were required to begin the race. When they finally got away clean, Eric Lebrun nosed out but Robbins got under Hammann, who came off the outside pole, forcing Hammann to either drop in or try to push past LeBrun, which he did and succeeded in taking the front. Robbins grabbed second, ahead of Connor Holderbach. Jakubajtys was on Holderbach’s bumper after going around three-wide into fourth.

The field thinned out single file and by lap five, Hammann led Robbins, Jakubajtys (who was working underneath Holderba ch) and a charging Brandon Martinez, who was passing under Levesque. Holderbach dropped onto The Mop’s bumper. Lap ten saw Hammann still leading Robbins, who was clinging to his bumper with Jakubajtys, Holderbach and Batman arrayed behind them.

Matthew Carpenter spun on lap ten, bringing a restart with Hammann and Robbins facing off and Jakubajtys and Holderbach behind them. Brandon Martinez and Parsons were row three. Hammann popped out at the front and Jakubajtys got under Robbins and started looking under Hammann, who got wide and The Mop romped underneath into the lead. But he brought Batman along with him and he roared up to Jakubajtys’ bumper. However, the challenger suddenly swerved uptrack and then grabbed a save at the last second before any wreckage could occur. But the caution had already flown and they lined up for the lap twelve restart.

Six restarts later, the field exited lap 13 with Martinez under Jakubajtys and they ran wheel-to-wheel. Now, Davidowitz had arrived from a fifteenth place start and he nosed up to Martinez’ bumper and under Jakubajtys. They brawled into lap 17, when Davidowitz was able to secure second despite very active defense on Jakubajtys’ part.

Davidowitz began looking at Martinez as The Mop pursued, followed by Levesque and Marfeo. But Derek Gluchacki came in on Marfeo’s six o’clock and began looking underneath, just as Avedisian went around coming out of turn one.
The single file restart was in effect for lap 19. Davidowitz was on Martinez’ bumper but over the ensuing lap, Brandon ran out to a five-car lead. Jakubajtys shadowed Davidowitz, followed by Gluchacki and now Shileigh arrived on Derek’s bumper. The top five held position as they ran hard through the next three laps, just before Scott Serydynski, Jr. spun for a green-white-checker restart on lap 23.

They ran nose-to-tail but Matt Vallerand spun and they tried again. The top five kept their positons on the second restart and ran hard to the finish to give Martinez the win.

Sixth went to Shileigh Martinez, followed by Reagan Parent, Kevin Nowak, Joey Parker and Mason Levesque.