Tommy Barrett , Jr. chased Todd Annarummo for four-fifths of the hundred-lap Open Wheel Wednesday feature, including laps 24-30, but Annarummo was well set up and a native driver at Seekonk. He led the way, with Barrett sniping incessantly at his back bumper. Barrett was seldom far from that bumper and often soliciting a way around. It wasn’t until a lap 81 restart, following Branden Dion’s motor failure, that the fireworks’ gand finale hit the track.

They ran door-to-door, whipsawing the lead until Barrett, running the outside, dropped under Annarummo. There was contact as Barrett moved across Annarummo’s tail and then he powered through. Annarummo surged back on the outside but a lap 87 spin involving Steve Masse, Anthony Nocella and Kyle James brought out the caution.

For the first time, Barrett had the pole on a restart. He went to the front. Annarummo dropped in behind, but bounced back to the outside. Matt Hirschman jumped ahead into the opening setting Annarummo in third. Barrett dueled Hirschman until lap 97 when Hirschmann went to the outside, then slowed suddenly, taking Annarummo backwards with him. Jon McKennedy leapt from fifth to second for the final three laps and chased Barrett across the line. Hirschmann and Annarummo recoverd and pursued them, finishing third and fourth. Richard Savary charged in fifth.

Annarummo nabbed the lead at the outset and Barrett settled on the attack behind him. Savary went to third, while Hirschman and Justin Bonsignore traded fourth for seven laps, then Hirschman settled in. Bonsignore continued in fifth until Rowan Pennink displaced him on lap 13.

First caution flew on lap 19 as Karl Frederickson and Matt Galko (who had qualified for the final starting spot by winning the B Main race and turning down the $1000 prize for the spot in the feature) spun in turn four.

Annarummo edged out into the lead again and Barrett tried to drop under but Annarummo slammed the door. Pennink eased Hirschman out of fourth and Ryan Preece got by Bonsignore onto Hirschman’s bumper.

Barrett went under Annarummo for the lead on lap 24 as the field began to string out. Steve Masse deprived Preece of sixth and was looking at Pennink’s bumper. Annarummo was on Barrett’s bumper while Savary rode on his.

Annarummo returned the favor on Barrett on lap 30, going under and back to the front in turn four. Steve Masse was moving forward, getting past Pennink and then Savary into fourth behind Hirschman.

At the midpoint, Annarummo was running a 12-car lead on the field. The last thing he wanted was the caution that flew on lap 53. Annarummo was out of the box in the lead and Barrette elected to fight it out on the outside as Hirschman pursued. Near catastrophe as Barrett dropped into line, catching Hirschman’s nose, but both quickly recovered. Lapped traffic was quickly a concern, as two drivers who had pitted on caution left the pits on the fly as the field restarted and were a half-lap behind the field.

Masse was all over Hirschman’s bumper in lap 70 as Annarummo was navigating lapped traffic. Todd Cerazolo failed to move out of the groove as the leader approached and they collided lightly, slowing Annarummo. This brought Barrett back up to his bumper. This time, Barrett couldn’t be shaken and they went nose-to-tail. Barrett went to the outside then dropped back in and Annarummo gained one carlength of breathing room. He extended the lead to two cars on lap 81, but Paul Newcomb, Jr., running sixteenth, spun in turn two onto the backstretch, bringing up the restart which sent Barrett into the lead.

Rounding out the top ten on the event were: Preece, Vinnie Annarummo, Pennink, Newcomb (who had climbed from 18th to 10th on the lap 87 restart) and Anthony Nocella.