Isaiah Newcomb notched his first win on the season in a hard-fought, caution-prone outing for the Outlaws division. There were six halts over the first six laps before the field lost six of the dozen cars. However, with nine to go in the fifteen-lapper, the abbreviated field settled down for some hard racing and completed the event without further issue. Al six who departed went pitside on lap six, including points leader Samantha Dell.

Newcomb was followed across the stripe by Giovanni Ruggerio, Nathan Smith, Ethan Heilborn and Riley Caron.

`Newcomb started outside Heilborn, who ran door-to-door with him through lap one with Ruggerio and Caron wheel-to-wheel behind them. Dell tried to get through an opening between them, which closed up and set her into a spin.

The lap two restart had Heilborn and Newcomb at the front again, but Smith had leapt in to restart third, under Ruggerio. Caron and Stephen Bowden made up row three.

They ran side-by-side to turn three before Heilborn could secure the front. Smith got under Ruggerio and they dueled around into turn two of the next lap, where Smith grabbed second. Thomas Dyment then spun in turn three.

On the restart, Smith saw Heilborn get the leap out of the box, dropped in and looked under. He edged ahead, then grabbed the lead in turn one of lap three before Dyment spun again.

Second try at the restart, Heilborn was able to pull ahead, but Newcomb had the low spot in row two and got under Smith. Ruggerio pursued. Next time around Ruggerio had Dell looking underneath.

Now Newcomb was leading smith while Joey LeMay was alongside Heilborn. But Dyment and Nicholas Rose got together and spun coming out of turn four. Rose fought to keep it off the wall on the front stretch and succeeded but needed a push to restart.

Newcomb nosed ahead on the restart and grabbed the lead in turn two. Heilborn got under Smith while behind them, Dell and LeMay were battling. Once more around, and Dell looked under Smith. There was contact and she was around in turn two and needed a push start. She then took it to the pits, ending her evening.

It too two tries to resume racing, sandwiched around another caution, which occurred when LeMay came up on the outside of Ruggerio and Smith to pass three wide. LeMay went around, Rose spun to avoid and Bowden ended up stopped in turn two.

Newcomb retrieved his lead with eight laps to go, going into turn one. Ruggerio was working under Heilborn behind him with Smith trialing. Caron was loose in turn four but gathered it back in. Giovanni grabbed second and Smith then got under Heilborn and the dueled over third. This was good news for Newcomb and provided him with a three-car advantage.

Smith settled the issue by taking over third with five circuits remaining and Caron got by Heilborn into fourth as the field strung out. Heilborn wasn’t happy; he got all over Smith’s bumper. Caron was behind them, followed by Keller and Rose. Three laps remained.

With two to go, Newcomb was in the catbird’s seat with fifteen cars on Ruggerio and Smith. They went under the white flag and headed for the finish. Heilborn was still working on Smith, and he continued his assault all the way through the checkered flag.

Keller took sixth place on the event, followed by Nicholas Rose, the last car still running. In the pits, Tavares qualified for eighth, while Bowden and Dyment, also off-track, rounded out the top ten.