A generation after Dad – Russ Stoehr – won the first Boston Louie Memorial Race at Seekonk in 1997, Avery Stoehr waged an on-track battle with John Zych, Jr. and Randy Cabral to win the coveted race named for standout racing owner Louie Seymour. Avery piled on the horses toward the end, to forge a 2-second winning edge. Zych collected second, just ahead of four-time winner Randy Cabral. Todd Bertrand and Doug Coby rounded out the top five.

It took two tries to get the 29-lap feature started as polesitter Dan Cugini lost an engine, bursting into smoke, and trailing oil around the track. It required a trail of speedy dry from turn three all the way to the beginning of turn two to account for Cugini’s crankcase.

The field moved up to compensate for the loss of the polesitter and they ran to the green flag again.

After a brief door-to-door, Stoehr shot to the front in turn four and in the second lap had already generated a four-car lead. Zych ran second already. By lap three, Cabral was in command of third place.

Seven laps in, Stoehr was showing little mercy on his competitors and had a half-straightaway lead. Todd Bertrand and Jim Chambers pursued from fourth and fifth place, respectively. The field was already strung out, single-file. In the field, only Coby and Robbie Spino running side-by-side broke the even line on the track. Robbie fell back and Coby was off in pursuit. This continued until Lanson Fornoro had a tire go down sending him up near the wall in turn one.

Mike Horn was pushed to the pits.

Stoehr and Zych lined up for the restart with Cabral and Bertrand holding down row two. Doug Cleveland was joined by Coby in three. Paul “Dangerous” Scally had Matt O’Brien on his high side behind them.

As the green fell, it was door-to-door out of the starting box, but Stoehr wasn’t about to give hup his lead. Zych fell in behind with Cabrall on his back. Twice more around and Cob had taken fifth away from Cleveland. Now he wanted Bertrand’s spot and looked underneath but was denied. Up ahead, Stoehr was cruising, fifteen cars up on Zych.

The field again went single file and Stoehr ran hard and clear. It was an eight-lap single-file parade to the finish as Avery Stoehr provided the second bookend to the one his father had put down 22 years earlier.

Sixth on the event went to Scally, followed by Cleveland, O’Brien, Andy Lunt and Fornoro.