Vinnie Arrenegado and Mark Hudson battled it out for thirty uninterrupted laps of Late Model excellence as the duo became the toast of the speedway with just one night left in the championship series. Both looked the part as burst off the pole away from Nick Uhrig and Vinnie followed underneath Uhrig from low in row two into second.  So fast was the action, that the field was single file in lap two and Vinny was looking for any way past Hudson he could find.  Dan Johnson moved into third and Gerry DeGasparre Jr. jumped onto his bumper. Chase Belcher swung in onto Gerry’s bumper.

            Arrenegado chased Hudson, finally getting his nose underneath, and they ran three laps of wheel-to-wheel before Vinny could push his nose ahead.  DeGasparre began looking under Johnson and as Arrenegado pushed ahead of Hudson, Gerry ducked underneath looking for third.  He claimed the position on lap 10.  Next time around, Belcher eased Johnson back one more.

            Ryan Lineham was working his way up, and ducked under teammate Uhrig into sixth.  Nick was caught on the outside and Ryan Kuhn was the next to duck underneath for position. At the midpoint of the feature, Arrenegado was leading, hotly pursued by Hudson, then DeGasparre, Johnson had worked back in front of Belcher, then came Lineham, Kuhn, Uhrig and Tom “The Bomb” Adams.

            Several parade laps followed, with the field tightening up and running close although each competitor was surveying the car ahead for any way around that they could find.

            With nine circuits remaining, Lineham passed Belcher, then Kuhn ducked under Belcher for position and pushed forward into sixth. The top eight, running nearly nose-to-tail consisted of Arrenegado and Hudson unchanged, DeGasparre, Johnson, Lineham, Kuhn, Belcher and Uhrig.  They continued to rocket along sigle file until lap four, when Lineham got by Johnson and Kuhn followed suit on lap later.

            Two more circuits and they flashed under the white flag and on to the checkers.  Arrenegado had his win with Hudson a close second and DeGasparre on his bumper. Lineham had a well-earned fourth with Kuhn following.

            Sixth went to Johnson, followed by Belcher, Uhrig, Mark Jenison and Adams completed the top ten.