Scott Serydynski, Jr. survived a race full of sliding SYRA 600 competitors and repetitive cautions to hold off Evan Marchand and then Evan Donnellen in a race which ended two laps prematurely due to the number of cautions holding things up. At the outset, Scotty powered up from the outside of the third row, was into third by the first restart, second on the second restart and into the lead on the green. Meantimes, Marchand was moving rapidly up from starting seventh onto Serydynski’s bumper. Donnellan had started on Marchand’s shoulder and chased him to the front. Late in the race, he was able to surge past into second and they finished in that order. After the lead trio, Brittany Campbell and Kyle Pianka rounded out the top five.
The feature was hamstrung by nine cautions, four of them on lap eight, as the division struggled to stay glued to the pavement. The previous two events may have set this up, with Open Wheel Wednesday setting down a layer of Hoosier Tire rubber, which always has a negative effect on sticking power. Then the Independence Day thrill show added more detritus to the mix. The 600 feature was the first afterward, save for practice and heats on the day.
It took two attempts to begin the feature. On the second try, Serydynski ducked underneath Zachary Martinez from outside the third row as polesitter Pianka took the lead. But Tommy Harris got loose and Connor Souza caught his rear quarter, sending him spinning.
Pianka and Serydynski lined up for the restart and Evan Marchand, who had jumped up from a fifth place start, joined Martinez in the second row. It took a pair of tries to make the lap two restart: The first attempt saw Pianka pull away with Marchand on his bumper. But Pianka spun in turn four and collected Martinez. Brittany Campbell spun trying to avoid and backed into Martinez, which cost him his right front fender. Both retired to the pits and returned.
Now Serydynski and Marchand were the front row while Evan Donnellan and Souza backed them up. At the green, Serydynski edged out on Marchand, who dropped in coming out of turn two. Donnellan latched onto third. At the end of lap three, Serydynski led Marchand, Donnellan, Hugh Bowser, Souza and Ava Chouinard.
Campbell, coming from the back, wound around Nikolas Frechette as Pianka went to sixth. But Maddie Harkin drifted down, catching her rear quarter and going around just out of turn two, bringing another caution.
The lap eight restart became a large problem, requiring four tries to get the field running again. Finally, Serydynski and Marchand were away with Scott nosing ahead and Donnellan dropping into third ahead of Pianka, Martinez gave pursuit with Harkin on his bumper. The lead trio tightened up and ran nose-to-tail with Marchand all over Serydynski, looking to grab the lead.
Lap 14 saw Pianka spin between turns one and two. On the restart, Serydynski popped into the lead once again and Donnellan got under Marchand into second. Campbell grabbed fourth, ahead of Marchand and Bowser. They again formed up into a tight, three-car line with Campbell in fourth, pursued by Martinez.
The field formed a straight line while behind the lead trio, Campbell, Martinez, Pianka and Harkin were nose-to tail. But Pianka went into a spin on lap eighteen and Harkin followed suit in turn four. As she spun, she collected Martinez from behind.
Ther caution flew and race officials called the finish on time limitations with two laps remaining.
Completing the top ten were: Bowser, Souza, Harris, Frechette and Harkin.