Tyler Almeida grabbed the lead from polesitter Tim Ouellette on a lap three restart, then spent the remainder of the 20 laps with a clear windshield enroute to his first win of 2019 and his second in two years. Karlin Levesque rushed into second on lap four and harried Almeida all the way to the finish line to capture second. AJ Manuel, Crystal Murray and Jordan Lopes rounded out the top five.

Ouellette and Christine Simpson came off the frotn row and Simpson grabbed the lead but Ouellette hung on underneath with Almeida and Levesque side-by-side behind them. Samantha Mattera and Tough Tim Bolger were wheel-to-wheel behind them. As Ouellette grabbed the lead, Almeida got under Simpson and Mattera ducked under Levesque. Almeida went to the wide side after getting past Simpson while Mattera and Levesque closed up on the leaders. Mattera got under Almeida briefly but Almeida spurted ahead to come alongside Ouellette. But Simpson spun in turn three, collecting Arthur Meack and then taking a crushing blow from Dave Pitassi. Pitassi was able to continue but Simpson went off on the hook and Meack had to be pushed pitside to conclude his night as well.

Almeida springboarded off Ouellette’s high side and captured the lead in turn one. As he worked out to a seven-car lead, Levesque pushed into second as Ouellette went into a rapid fade. Tough Tim slid into third with Mattera and Manuel on his tail.

Murray pursued Manuel and in turn was pursued by Jordan Lopes, Mikey Lefort, last week’s winner Dave Westgate and Henry Lavalle.

By the midpoint of the 20-lapper, Levesque had snugged up to Almeida’s bumper and began looking to the high side to pass. Lefort was looking to Lopes’ high side as well. Levesque then tried the low side but Almeida shut the door. For the remainder of the feature, this duo became totally involved in working each other over.

With seven to go, Manuel looked under Bolger for fourth and Murray followed him through. Manuel then battled it out with Mattera for third and succeeded. He began to close on Almeida and Levesque. Mattera, running third, now had intense pressure coming from Murray.

With two laps remaining, Crystal ducked under Samantha and took fourth as the white flag began to flutter. Manuel had reached Levesque and went to work while Lopes was looking underneath Mattera. Both were able to succeed in last-lap passing before rushing under the checkers.

Mattera claimed sixth place and was followed by LeFort, Westgate, Lavalle, Rhistian Herman, Ouellette and Sabrina Beaulieu.