Tom “The Bomb” Adams fired up and faced down a host of high-octane competitors to win his second feature of the Late Models’ season with a convincing cruise at the front for the latter two-thirds of the race. Along the way, he battled it out with Steve “The Cyclone” Potter, Mike Duarte, Vinny Arrenegado and Gerry DeGasparre, Jr. Arrenegado and DeGasparre were his toughest competitors, dogging his tracks to the finish line as the trio made up the podium finish – Adams, Arrenegado second and DeGasparre third. Mark Hudson and Duarte rounded out the top five.

Adams started tenth, behind Mark Jenison as Potter led the field to the green. He nosed ahead of outside pole Jeremy Lambert. Duarte ducked under Lambert into second. Vinny then looked under to run alongside. Three laps in, looked in under Duarte and ran for second. Bobby Tripp moved into fourth and looked to Arrenegado, who hadn’t been able to complete the pass on Duarte, who meanwhile had gone to the front.

Dan Johnson ran on Tripp’s bumper as Adams came up to his. But ten laps in, Louie Romiza went around coming out of turn two.

Arrenegado and Duarte took the front while Adams and Tripp made up row two. Johnson and Ryan Lineham followed. Vinny launched ahead at the stripe and Adams got by Duarte on lap ten, then past Vinny on lap eleven. Duarte and Vinny then dueled jealously over second.

But DeGasparre had now fought his way up from ninth, came past Arrenegado on lap 14, just before Lambert spun to bring caution. Adams and DeGasparre lined up after a bad start and they fought it out side-by-side as Arrenegado ran third ahead of a Tripp vs. Duarte battle for fourth.

With ten to go, Vinny pushed past into second and challenged Adams as DeGasparre was challenging him. Mark Jenison moved up on Duarte and pressed past onto Tripp’s bumper and began to challenge for position. Mark Hudson then moved past Duarte.

At the front, Adams had to keep slamming the door on Arrenegado as he continuously looked for a route underneath the leader. With five laps remaining, it was a hard chase for the lead and DeGasparre was all over Arrenegado’s bumper as well. But with four to go, Tripp suddenly spun out of turn four. (It was later determined that Jenison was guilty on the assist and he was penalized two spots in the final analysis.) Tripp pitted for the duration.

Adams and Arrenegado were now shoulder-to-shoulder for the restart with DeGasparre and Jenison in the second row. Hudson and Lineham backed them up. They came across the stripe wheel-to-wheel until Adams could ease his nose ahead. Over the next lap, he suddenly found a three-car lead and Gerry nosed into second. Vinny slowed then dropped under and ran alongside DeGasparre. They brawled over the final two laps to the finish with Arrenegado eking out second to DeGasparre’s third.

Tyler Tomassi ran sixth, followed by Jenison, Lineham, Johnson and last week’s feature winner, Paul Newcomb.