Ratings are calculated based off the Drivers who are Top 5 in points within each division. Drivers get points for how they finish for each race that they have run in. A race winner will receive 100 points decreasing by 10 points until tenth place finisher who will receive 10 points. The total amount of points each driver scores will then be divided by the number of total events run for that night of racing. The results will then be sorted against all competitors for that night of racing.


NASCAR Saturday


PositionCar #Driver / DivisionTotal
152David Darling / Pro Stocks70.56
208Richie Murray [R] / Sport Trucks62.5
37Tyler Lallier / Sportsman57.5
446Dylan Estrella / Pro Stocks57.22
585Barry Shaw Jr / Sport Trucks57
656RITommy Adams / Late Models56
711Ryan Vanasse / Pro Stocks55.56
811Corey Fanning / Sportsman55
92Tom Scully Jr / Pro Stocks54.44
1022RIMark Jenison / Late Models54
1130Fred Astle / Pro Stocks51.67
1288Andrew Kun / Sport Trucks51
1304Steve Axon / Sportsman50.5
1417RIVinnie Arrenegado / Late Models49
1510Ryan Lineham / Late Models48.5
1671Gerry DeGasparre Jr / Late Models48.5
1780Mike Cavallaro / Sport Trucks48.5
184Craig Pianka / Sportsman47.5
1936Mikey Cooper [R] / Sport Trucks47.5
200Chad Baxter / Sportsman45.5

Fast Friday


PositionCar #Driver / DivisionTotal
14CTReese Bogue / Bandits79.42
250Peter Bennett / Legends76.75
30Greg Perry / Pure Stock75
441Danny Massa Jr / Pure Stock73.25
57Giovanni Ruggiero / Outlaws70.92
609Josh Parsons / Legends70.83
777Jordan Lopes / Sport 470.25
828riSamantha Dell / Outlaws68.08
92Doug Benoit / Pure Stock68
1088AJ Manuel / Sport 467.5
1113Mikey Lefort / Sport 466.33
1255Nathan Smith / Outlaws62.92
137Brendon Hammann / Legends59.17
144Brenden LaBelle / Bandits58.5
1522Isaiah Newcomb / Outlaws57.42
1611Ryan Vanasse Jr / Bandits56.92
1744Karlin Levesque / Sport 455.17
188xJoey Lemay / Outlaws54.83
198Ethan Dion / Bandits54.5
2038Crystal Murray / Sport 453.17
2177MARyan Doucette / Legends52.17
2212xPJ Evans / Bandits50.67
2320Ethan Heilborn / Outlaws50.58
2478Collin Vanasse / Bandits49.67
2538Connor Holderbach / Legends48.58